Sunday, June 13, 2010

Visit with my brother today

I just wanted to put another post on here today. This is the second one today. My mother and I went to visit my brother today. He is doing well. He says thanks to all the people who have sent him cards and letters being so supportive. He is doing well. He thanks God everyday for his health. He worries about his kids. Especially little BW. He is 7 and he is the one that told Stacy Long point blank that the 'boys' were touching his butt, boobies, and willie. And the sheriff, his current investigator Christy Cole, DFCS, or no one else in that county cares. Even his own mother. She was sitting in on his interview with Stacy Long and she ignored it as well. My brother prays for him daily as he is still in the care of one of the boys on a regular basis. Please pray for little BW.

I am going to post the interviews. All of them if I have the energy. They are all with my brother's children and JH. So five total. And, I also have the tapes of these interviews in my possession. With many copies.

Today my brother asked me to say this. And I know it will come as no surprise to anyone. He truly believed in our justice system. He truly believed Mr. Levitt when he told him it would all be nothing. The investigator, Jennifer Cooley, and Len Gregor knew more than they ever said they knew. They held out information that would have proven what my brother was saying was true. He has a hard time getting past the fact that these people are supposed to be helping people, not ruining their lives. And that is what they do everyday. He said he and Tonya are not the only victims to these people and their wicked ways. There are many. Most of them do not have the money to go out and pay what it takes to fight these cases. These ADA's and investigators know this. It is such a sad thing. I just don't understand, and neither does my brother how in America this can actually happen and it does everyday. He blames the system in Dade, Co. He blames Len Gregor, Christina Cook Connelly Graham, Jennifer Cooley and the crooked system they work for. They took one statement made by a mad teenager and made up lies for the witnesses to say and made it look like my brother is a child molester and he is NOT!! He never did any of the things he was accused of. But as I continue my blogging, I think you will see.

I will be putting interviews and also names of people who are adults. I will only use initials for the children who are still underage. This is all a matter of public record. Enjoy the next few blogs, because they are about to get interesting. And thanks again for your kind words and keep praying for my brother.


  1. My eyes fill with tears as I see the love you have for your brother Angie.. I lost my little brother to suicide a few years ago.. He left behind 2 kids =-) I cry for him even to this day!! I will be praying for you and for Brad and your whole family! Love you, Angie

  2. I'm glad that you were allowed to see him. Please continue to tell him that I am praying for him and your family. You all are on my mind and in my heart every day.