Sunday, June 6, 2010


I am not going to continue with the Q&A's with the witnesses. They answered every question that they were asked, no matter who was asking it, differently. None of JH's brothers or sisters told the same thing twice. But apparently the jury did not hear this. There was a lot of chitter chatter outside the courtroom at every break. No one seemed to care. There were even some words exchanged in the bathroom by one of the state's witnesses and one of our family members. No one seemed to care.

We re-entered the courtroom after a 10 minute break and when the judge came back in she then asked, "who in this courtroom is taking notes?" I raised my hand because I was taking notes. I had my child's spiral notebook with his scribblings on the first few pages. I just flipped until I found a sheet with nothing on it and started writing. I was not the only one in the courtroom taking notes either. She(judge Connelly Graham) then had the bailiff take my notebook from me and give it to her. She started looking through it, first seeing my five year old's artwork, then getting to my notes. I kinda said as she was thumbing through it 'it's my child's notebook, and those are...' she then snapped back at me very rude and said "Did I ask you to speak?" I thought, Oh my god, why did she act so ugly? I hadn't seen anything yet. As she read my 1/4 of a page notes, she then called me, the attorneys, my brother, and the court reporter into chambers. When we got in there she let me have it with both barrels. She cursed at me in the worst way. I will not quote some of the words she used. But I will say one of the things she told me was if I took notes in her courtroom again, she would put my ass in jail. It was the most horrible thing that has ever happened to me. She also said that the county did not have the money to re-try this case. It was appalling.

This whole thing was a circus from start to finish. I am going to do some of the testimony with Mr. Levitt cross examining Stacy Long. It is interesting.
Q Ms Long, there is a lot of reasons a person might delay reporting something form what you've testified to, is that right?
A Reporting or disclosing?
Q Or disclosing-
A Well, yes both actually.
Q And some of those could be that, A, they're now making something up or they've been coached or they've been pressured or they want to please another parent, those are also some reasons that a person might delay reporting?
A Possibly.
Q Okay. And you've got no way to know with him what it was?
A With him being AW or JH or-
Q AW. You couldn't read his mind could you?
A No, I don't have those powers.
Q Now, you already had information on that day, and that was when now?
A Are you referring to the second interview, sir?
Q Yes, the second. I've got, is it April 18th?
A 2007, yes.
Q So a couple of months ago?
A Yes.
Q And you already knew basically what he was going to disclose before you did the interview didn't you?
A No. What he's going to disclose, no.
Q You hadn't talked to any officers about it?
A Yeah, I get some information and a lot of times the information could be AW has come forward, I mean, this is just an example, AW has come forward and said some things and before he didn't disclose.
Q And I take it that on this particular occasion you found out his age, he was, I guess his date of birth was 122993; is that correct?
A That's what I have recorded.
Q And then in 2005 he would have been twelve?
A Yes.
Q All right, And he said that this incident in Alabama occurred when he was was twelve years old; is that correct?
A If that's what was on the tape.
Q Isn't that what it said on the tape? You asked him how old he was when it happened and he said twelve. Do we need to replay it?
A If you want to you could I guess. If that's what it said I'm sure.
Q Well did you make any note of that?
A It's on the tape, I don't have to transcribe that myself.
Q Well, do you disagree with what is on the tape?
A No, I'm not disagreeing.
Q Okay. Did you ask after he said that, say look AW, Brad Wade didn't even see JH or have him stay the night in December of 2005?
A Quite honestly we don't or I don't take a lot of weight in exact dates and all that stuff and carve it in any kind of concrete because I can't give you exact and I'm thirty years old.
Q Well, and some people who are a lot younger could give you that couldn't they?
A It's definitely possible that they could.
Q And you say you start off general and then you narrow the focus?
A That's what we try to do.


  1. I accidentally hit the post button between the last two blogs. So when you finish here go to the next one, they kinda go together.

  2. Angie
    I have never seen so much malarkey(BS) in my life. Not yours story, the courts. It is like a *comedy fest.* I feel for your families, what a tragedy.

    They need to be UNDER the jailhouse, or in a Mental Instituition.

    Keep the Faith <3