Monday, June 14, 2010

Actual interviews begin

Now, the first interview I am going to post is the first one of AW. Brad's oldest son. I think the first interview Stacy Long did was with JH, but I want to start with AW because had two interview that contradicted one another in a major way. So here goes and these interviews are lengthy so I will get as much on here as possible before I fall asleep on top of the laptop! Just a little joke. I'm funny! I will typing this word for word from the transcript.

This is Stacy Long and Brad's oldest son AW.

S: My name is Stacy. I'm from a place called the Children's Advocacy Center. (inaudible) And what I do there is I'm called an interviewer so what I do is I talk to kids, big kids, little kids, boys and girls, okay? Uh, and the reason why I talk to kids is just to get information from them and find out what they know. Okay? Uh, (inaudible) are very helpful a lot of times for uh investigation sometimes, just to get information, okay? Uh, so how I get information is I ask a lot of questions, okay? Uh, and uh, I'll do that, I'll ask you a ton of 'em okay? And sometimes I'll ask you questions to be able to know exactly what it is you are talking about if you are talking about something. Uh, so I'm not doing that to make it difficult on you or to try to you know test you out or anything. The reason why I do that is because kids can use like one word and if I talked to three different kids, three different uh definitions can be given to me for that one word, okay? So that's why I ask as many questions as I do. So those you think are just absolutely stupid and some of them you might think are silly or whatever, but I have to do that to make sure I completely understand what it is you are talking about okay?

A: Okay

S: You can ask me questions, you can tell me stuff that you want me to know, that you think I need to know. Whatever. Okay? Pretty much free in here, okay? My rule in here is that you can use any words at all when you are in here. Okay? If it helps you to be able to help me understand. Any words at all. Its not going to embarrass me or make me gall out of this chair, okay? Alright. I've heard a lot. I've heard a lot from three year old.

A: I have, too

S: (laughs) They can surprise you sometimes. Uh, we do videotape interviews ( loud speaker interfering with voice) just one time. I think it's in that clock to be honest but I'm not a hundred percent sure. I forget cause I go to different classes. But I think it may be in that clock somewhere. Somehow. If you can figure that out you're smarter than me. Oh, anyway, we do that so that you can just do this one time. You don't have to talk to a bunch of different people a bunch of different times. That's a good thing, right? It protects you and it protects me and sometimes it can be a substitute like in the future to instead of having to again talk to you over, alright? When I ask you questions today AW, all I need you to do is just be honest with me okay?

A: Okay.

S: I have talked to a lot of kids before, like hundreds. I've been in this about five years and I know that sometimes its hard to talk about the truth. I know sometimes you don't want to have to tell the truth. If we can stick to the truth we'll be doing a lot better off, okay?

A: Okay.

S: Uh, you're not in trouble. You don't get into trouble when you talk to me okay? We don't do that. Uh, just uh, shoot straight with me and we'll be doing good. Alright? Have any questions you want answered?

A: Uh, my mama said she asked and whenever I go to my grandma's to see my dad

S: I have no idea. Uh, that's something we can find out. That's another thing. You may ask me some questions that I have the answer to, I'll try to get it for you or find somebody that can get it for you, okay?

A: Okay.

S: I certainly don't know it all.

A: Okay.

S: Alright? So AW that's what you go by, right?

A: Yes.

S: And how old are you?

A: Twelve.

S: Twelve years old. Okay. So who do you live with?

A: It depends. I just go back and forth.

S: Okay. So

A: My mom has custody of me but (inaudible)

S: Okay. so who's at your mom's house?

A: My half sister, full sister and Travis and mom. ( Travis is step dad)

S: How old are your half and full sisters?

A: I think half sister is eight and full sister is fifteen.

S: What's your mom's name?

A: ( inaudible)

S: (inaudible) is that right?

A: Yes ma'am.

S: And who else besides your sisters and mom and then

A: Prince ( this is what they called the step dad for a long time. He was very mean to AW, not so much to his older sister, but Travis used to literally beat AW with a huge paddle) ( Just a little fyi)

S: And who is that?

A: My step-dad.

S: Alright. How is it at that house?

A: It's fine.

S: You like ( inaudible)

A: I like both places

S: So anything been going on with you that's worthy of mention? Everything going pretty good? Anything.....

A: Yeah, my life's fine.

S: Okay, Good. Anything going on that's not so great?

A: Uh huh. Well we had this situation but still

S: Okay. Other than that it's pretty good?

A: Yeah.

S: Alright. So tell me about this situation. What is this situation?

A: I don't know I think, well my mom told me the other day, somebody accused my dad or something.

S: Okay

A: That's all I know. She said that they said couldn't tell, she couldn't tell me who it was.

S: Okay. So how

A: Well I was just, I was just sad and then I got angry because I know he would never do that.

S: Okay. How you know he wouldn't do that?

A: Well I just, I just know my dad wouldn't (inaudible) he's never done anything (inaudible) he's always been good to me.

S: I have to take these notes AW cause if I don't I'll forget. Cause I interview lots of kids. And I get confused easily. And if I get confused or ______-be sure and correct me. Okay? Uh, but if this bothers you at any time you just tell me to stop and that won't hurt my feelings, okay?_______ Uh, alright so you know your dad wouldn't do that?
I am not sure why the underlines are in this transcript but they are. I am typing it just as it appears.

A: Uh huh

S: You've been around_________ Uh, and I hear what you're saying and I'm not saying, I mean I don't take a side, okay? I'm just here to see what people got to say, okay? But, sometimes it happens where people that you would never expect make really bad choices sometimes for whatever reasons. There are so many reasons out there that people make bad choices that it's not even funny. We could sit here for a week and talk about the reasons why they make bad choices, okay? Uh, so I mean I hear what you are saying and at the same time you know I have to look at it from that perspective, okay? Uh which I don't make the decision about what happens, that's not my job. My job is to get information. Okay? Uh, has your dad ever done anything that you questioned? Not necessarily to you, have you ever seen any behavior, have you ever heard him say anything? Uh, anything at all uh

A: Once he, whenever he gets mad you know he might say a cuss, a cuss word or something

S: Okay?

A: but that's usually it.

S: Alright. You said somebody accused your dad of molesting them. did you say

A: ________my mom said she couldn't tell me cause she didn't know.

S: Okay.

A: And that if she did know, she couldn't tell me much. She couldn't answer, and she said they said she couldn't answer any questions.

S: Yeah, a lot of times what happens is when the information is given so that uh, you know, find out as much as possible about a situation. I don't know what they told your mama, I don't know. Okay? Uh, like I said my job is to find out what you know if you know anything, okay? Uh what does, what does it mean molest? What does that word mean?

A: Touching in places you're not supposed to be? I don't know.

S: Okay. That's a good definition. Okay. Touching in places you're not supposed to be. Okay. Like what would those places be?

A: Your body parts.

S: Okay. Your ears?

A: No. I'm talking about my privates.

S: Okay. So do you have any other words you call your privates?

A: _________

S: Do you know who that was that he was accused of molesting?

A: No, my mom wouldn't _______she really didn't talk to me about it_______.

S: You haven't talked to him since you found this out? Would you normally have talked to him about it?

A: I, I, used to call him a lot and talk to him.

S: You call him, Does he ever call you?

A: Yeah. He calls quite a bit he usually calls when he's at work.

S: Alright.

A: ________

S: Where does he work?

A: Memorial Hospital. He works during the day and _______

S: Alright. Uh, have you ever seen anything, like I said, even remotely related to touching in that way.

A: Uh, nope.

S: Okay.

A: or he won't hit you or nothing unless I hit him you know playing around but uh he'll tell you to 'go on'.

S: Okay. Alright. Uh okay. How long has he been married to Rhona?

A: I think it's five or four years. I'm not sure. They were married in 2, 2001, 2000 and I'm not sure_________. I think it's been about four and a half years.

S: Okay. I'm impressed with you knowing time at twelve. I'm twenty nine and I get it _________
Okay. Uh, so they've been married four or five years. How long have your mom dad been divorced?

A: Uh, since I was, they got divorced in 95, uh, I think. I was two or three.

S: Okay. Alright. You've always had______

A: Yeah

S: with your dad since then.

A: Yeah.

S: Has he always lived in the same place?

A: Yes

S: Where does he live?
The next few lines deal with where Brad lived and the layout of the house.

S: Okay. So uh, I uh, I guess, is that bedroom upstairs your mom's, I mean your dad's or the on downstairs is who's?

A: The twins is ________-but I just sleep on the couch. I like the couch.

S: Okay. Have you always slept on the couch when you go and visit your dad?

A: Well there's a bunk-bed in the room so I _____bottom or top one sometimes, but I'll sleep on the bottom of the bed______

S: Okay. Have you ever slept anywhere else? Have you ever slept in dad's room?

A: Yeah, uh, when I was little I used to sleep with him.

S: Has you dad ever done anything or asked you to do anything that made you uncomfortable or that you felt inappropriate?

A: Uh uh.

S: Where do you think this is coming from?

A: I don't know. I have no clue.

S: Okay. Uh, your mom hasn't told you a whole lot about it and that's at the request for her not to and again she may not know much, I don't really know. Uh, and I'm not going to tell you any great detail about stuff either, okay. But what I am going to tell you is your dad had been accused of molesting a teenage guy. Those are your words, okay. Not many teenage guys are going to come out and accuse somebody of that. Okay? Just for the heck of doing it. Okay? why would anybody do that? HIS WORDS??? When exactly did he say this? It is not on the tape that AW said this at all.

A: I don't know.

S: Yeah, so that's kinda a big concern. Have you ever seen your, do you have any inkling, any feeling at all in your body as to who it might be?

A: Well, JH, I know it's not JH because_________Rhona was saying, cigarette burn______and my dad and him got into a big argument and _______JH______I hadn't really talked to him since.

S: Okay. So, JH hung up on him when your dad called?

A: Uh huh.

S: How do you know about it? Were you there or ___

A: Yeah.

S: Okay. You were at your dad's house or

A: At my mama's but I called, he called me and, I called him and he said have you______I said I don't know what but_________talking to JH or anything cause I'm mad at him.

S: Did he say why?

A: Yeah, he told me JH hung up on him.

S: Okay. Why did JH hang up on him?

A: I don't know that's just what_________

S: So you said you know it's not JH?

A: I mean I know it shouldn't be cause JH is not that way and my dad, I know he wouldn't do that to nobody, but uh, I don't know, the only person that would say that with my dad________

S: Okay. Uh, okay. Alright. Uh, has anybody ever done anything to you that was not okay or that they shouldn't have done?

A: At school these guys hit me but I hit them in the face.

S: Okay. Anybody else?

A: No

S: Okay. So you're twelve, you have a girlfriend or are you into that yet?

A: Uh huh. I just I don't need one now.

S: Don't need one? Why not?

A: Cause they take too much of my time.

S: (laughs) What do they do? How do they take up your time?

A: They want tot stay on the phone.

S: Oh, and you don't like talking on the phone?

A: Uh, it don't matter to me, I mean I got friends that I talk to them some, I'd rather be in the house watching T.V. or outside______or

S: Don't have time to talk to any girls on the phone huh? Alright, Uh, so no girlfriend, do you have, when was your last girlfriend?

A: That, she broke up with me and two weeks ago.

S: Oh. So_______-girlfriend.

A: Yeah.

S: Can I ask what happened?

A: Yeah.

S: Okay?

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Why did she break up with you?

A: Because I shaved my head.

S: I understand. So she broke up with you about two weeks ago.

A: Yeah.

S: Okay. So when you have a girlfriend, what is different about having a girlfriend as opposed to a friend that's a girl?

A: I don't know.

Gonna stop for now. This is one half of AW first interview with Stacy Long. Will post the rest in a bit. Got to go have some family time!! Take the little guy swimming for a while!!! Take care and I will be back soon!!!


  1. Angie good job.
    Mr Anderson has Stacey on His blog. Some more of the same It's sad. Sorry for your Brother I hope and pray this help's him. This lady should be fired. She is ruining so many lives
    God help her.

  2. What an awful person Stacey Long is! She appears to need help herself. Can she not make an intelligent statement or ask a coherent question? It appears to me her interest is in confusing the children. Thank you so much for sharing. Again, I know that this must be difficult for you to keep sharing this information, but you really are helping others to avoid something like this. Bobb

  3. Okay, I'm like Dr. Lorandos now. Where's the aspirin? I have a major headache. Who is this woman? How did she ever get qualified to speak with children about their problems? She can't go a full sentence without uh or okay, that's so juvenile. Kids smell fakes a mile off. I have to say this much, Angie, AW certainly held his own, and never once let her put words in his mouth. At least, for this part of the interview. That woman needs to find herself unable to get a job scrubbing toilets. There's no way anyone can ever call what she's doing good for kids.

  4. Thought you might like to know, the pastor of Highlands Presbyterian mentioned Brad Wade's case in his sermon last Sunday. His sermon is online at, he starts talking about Brad around 36 minutes (it's a long sermon).

  5. Oh, Cyril....I can't believe it!! Thank you so much!! Wow!! I don't have the words to say to eveyone who is supporting us!! There is a special place for all of you in heaven. I'm so humbled and so is my brother!!! God Bless you all!!