Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More of Stacy Long interview with AW

This next part gets pretty descriptive and has some point blank answers and questions. I am going to apologize in advance if anyone is offended. This is word for word from Stacy Long's interview with Brad's oldest son. The first one.

S: You don't know? Do you get to hang out with her more or....

A: Uh, yeah. I get to go out with her ______my mom_____invite them over

S: Okay.

A: Like ________

S: So you talk to girlfriends on the phone and that's kinda the difference, right. Uh, what about have you ever held hands with a girl?

A: Yeah.

S: You have? Do you _____

A: No. I didn't know what I was doing.

S: Do what?

A: She, she was downstairs and _______

S: Oh, an older woman huh.

A: Yeah.

S: (laughs) Alright. So you know ________. Alright. Ever hugged a girl?

A: No.

S: What about, you ever kissed a girl?

A: (inaudible)

S: Anything else ever happen?

A: No.

S: Tell me if it has, it's okay. You don't have to worry about that. I'm not like putting you on trial or anything here. I'm just______

A: I will.

S: What do you know about stuff like that?

A: About what, stuff like what?

S: You know, boys and girls, hold hands and kissing and anything more.

A: _________

S: Is there anything more to that?

A: Yes.

S: What?

A: A long term relationship

S: What's that mean?

A: It's where you're uh, like my mom and step-dad, and my dad and Rhona and they show affection to each other.

S: Okay. So how do they show affection?

A: Well, I don't know, they just, that's hard.

S: Okay. Uh, and I'm not trying to put you on the spot, I'm just trying to find out what you know okay? And that's how I have to do that is by asking questions. I can't say you know about this and then you say yes or no, okay? I need you to talk to me more than me giving you the answers. You know what I mean?

A: Yes.

S: That makes sense to you? Uh, like I said, I've heard lots of things, okay and I've heard a lot of things described in some major detail, okay. It don't bother me. I've been trained, I've been doing it for a long time so you don't, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, okay? I ______for me to say that yes you actually do know, okay? I understand that. So, long term relationships people show love and affection, okay. What, what else happens between people in their long term relationships?

A: They have children

S: How do you get kids?

A: They have sex.

S: Okay. What do you know a out sex? How do you know about sex?

A: I don't know, I just....I don't know.

S: Okay. Did somebody sit you down and have a talk with you? Did you learn about it in health class at school or

A: Yeah, we had it in health classes at school.

S: Okay. What did they teach you?

A: I don't know. They showed a video. It was about personal hygiene and stuff

S: Okay. Alright, so about personal hygiene that's not sex.

A: Well I know, but I mean it's , it's like that is like whatever you want to call that class, I don't know. They just showed________

S: Okay. Fine. Uh, so do you know how people have sex?

A: Yeah

S: Can you tell me?

A: Yeah.

S: Okay.

A: They, they, it's hard to explain.

S: I think it's, I know it's hard. Try the best you can. And remember, don't be embarrassed, okay? It's not gonna bother me. Just try, just_____that you do know, okay? Cause you're at a weird age, as far a knowing.

A: Yeah. I don't know, it's hard to explain.

S: Okay. What parts do________

A: The_____parts.

S: Okay. Can you be a little bit more specific what the lower parts are?

A: A dick and a pussy. (I'm sorry to put this, but it's what it says)

S: Okay. How do you, who told you those words? How do you know what those words are?

A: I _______at school.

S: Okay. Yeah____. Alright and there's different types of sex. Do you know that?

A: Yeah. Like oral sex and

S: What is that?

A: I don't remember. There's phone sex.

S: Phone sex?

A: I've heard of that.

S: Okay.

A: And that's all I know.

S: You've not heard any other kind? How'd you hear about oral sex?

A: I don't know. This kid at school was talking about it.

S: Okay. Did he say what it was or how it happens or....

A: No

S: What parts are used? Okay. And_______do you know what that is?

A: I guess I was watching one time and I was______they started dressing up and then this girl______dress up as Robin Hood or something like that and then______

S: She was dressed up like Robin Hood?

A: (inaudible)

S: That's funny. Alright. Uh, what about uh phone sex, are you in to that? If people are by themselves is there anything they can do that's sexual just by themselves?

A: I don't know.

S: If they're alone? Uh, have you ever heard the word masturbate?

A: Yeah.

S: And what does that mean?

A: Sperm uh,_____

S: What?

A: I don't know I just_____

S: _______Okay. What about sperm? Do you know what that is?

A: Yeah, it's uh, it's uh, fluid inside this thing, it's like a fluid in your uh, and it comes up like when a girl she has the sad feeling what I'm talking about is uh before you go on your period then.

S: Okay

A: and then if you try to have kids then the sperm goes up and_____and the sperm and cell inside_________

S: Okay. You______get it,_______where does sperm come from?

A: In a little sack right here.

S: Okay. So how does it get out of the sack?

A: It comes through you privates.

S: Okay. Alright. Have you ever seen any of that?

A: (inaudible)

S: No? Okay. Uh, so masturbating you said sperm, how are those related? I mean

A: They're the same thing I think

S: Okay. No, not necessarily but I'm not her to give you a talk on all that stuff (laughs). Uh, you're , you're on the right page though, okay? I'm, I'm just not going to educate you on everything that's more for somebody else to do (laughs). Uh, what about people ever you know, sometimes people like will touch themselves, has anybody ever done that in front of you?

A: Oh, oh, yeah, I was done at Ann's house and he walked up and he goes (inaudible)


A: Yeah

S: Okay. Anybody else ever done that in front of you?

A: Uh uh.

S: Uh, and you said you've never seen the fluid, sperm, you've never seen that yourself. Okay. Uh, whatever I'm not asking to embarrass you, okay? Things happen, alright? Have you ever touched yourself? if you were up by yourself or

A: Well I got a shower and washed myself but that

S: Okay.

A: it's

S: Okay, but as far as just touching yourself to feel it, you know how it

A: (inaudible) I can wait til you know

S: Okay, Uh, and I'm not asking you to embarrass you okay? Cause that happens. People do that.______normal______. Uh, that's never happened?

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Uh, alright.

A: Uncle____told me said don't do it because then they're is people think that they can have pleasure whenever they want it.

S: Okay. Your uncle told you that?

A: Yes

S: And who's that?

A: Ken, my uncle Ken, he's uh my step-dad's sister's husband.

S: Okay. Step-dad, Travis's sister's husband?

A: Yes

S: Now I have to work that out in my head or I'll get confused. Alright. Uh, alright, so he told you not to do that cause that means what now? You'll get pleasure (inaudible)

A: You are sad or something like that and you get pleasure off____like that

S: Alright. Oh, alright, but any of that's never happened though, right? How do you know about touching yourselves and stuff I mean

A: People talk about it at school.

S: Okay Alright, What do they say about it?

A: I don't know, they just walk around, see a girl, _______

S: AW, I don't doubt that one bit. Uh, has anyone ever like explained to you how to do that or showed you how to do that like on themselves or

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Uh, has anyone ever wanted to try to touch you in any way, anybody at all in the whole entire world? Has anybody ever tried to touch you?

A: Uh uh

S: Has anybody ever wanted you to touch them?

A: No

S: Never?

A: Well_____told me to hit him so he could like go to the nurse or something like that and I said no I ain't hitting you.

S: Where at?

A: In his balls

S: No, I mean, well that was going to be my next question, but where were you at when he asked you to do that?

A: I walked into the hall and I walked into the bathroom to hit him

S: At school?

A: Yes.

S: Okay (laughs) so he wanted to go to the nurse you said?

A: Yes.

S: Okay. But did anybody else wanted you to touch them in any way?

A: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Has anyone ever themselves in front of you?
A: Well,_______
S: Besides that one person that you were telling me about
A: No, uh, there's a girl that she walks around and stuff and she'll like
S:_____herself? Okay? Anybody else?
A: (inaudible)
S: Alright. Have you ever seen other people touching each other or
A: Yeah.
S: engaged in any kind of stuff. Tell me about that.
A: All they touching each other during school walking through the hall
S: Okay but
A: Making out down the hall.
S: Alright. What does that mean? Making out?
A: Kissing and touching each other.
S: Okay. And where do they touch?
A: In their private parts.
S: In the hall?
A: Yeah
S: Okay.
A: Cause that's, this uh, (clears throat), there upstairs and you walk downstairs and there's like right here is like the door, the door here_______but when you come in ________the teachers don't know about it, well there's a door up here and_________but she's always______
S: Okay. Alright.
A: So stand right here_______.
S: Anybody else you ever seen that's not at school? Ever seen anybody having any type of sex, even on accident? Have you ever walked in and seen anything like that?
A: I walked in_______having sex with sister Michelle.
S: Okay. Alright.
A: I ain't gonna tell.
S: You've never seen anything inappropriate your entire life? Out of the way, anything that you thought that don't seem right but then you may have talked yourself out of that, the thoughts you were having, anything?
A: Uh, I don't know. These kids at school
S: Okay.
A: are just talking about it how they_____it.
S: Alright. I know when you were little, your mom and your dad, grandma, whoever, they were giving you a bath, so let's go back that far, alright. I have to give my little girl a bath and she's just two. Uh, I understand that and it's very peaceful. Since you were old enough, you know, to wash yourself and all that, have you always taken a bath alone?
A: Yes
S: Have you ever taken a bath or a shower or anything with anybody else?
A: Well, while I was little I used to take a shower with my daddy.
S: Okay I got a little....
A: I was about four then.
S: Okay. Any, any kind of, over age,_____
A: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, alright. have you ever seen anything on T.V., anything you know the word pornography?
A: No.
S: You ever heard that word?
A: Yes.
S: Okay. You ever seen any type of pornography, that's pictures of people without clothes on or engaged
A: ( inaudible)
S: in adult sexual things. Pictures that can be real from a camera, pictures in a magazine, pictures in a book, something on the computer, movies which can be VCR or DVD, on cable, satellite or whatever.
A: No. All I, all I did was have maybe a pop-up come up.
S: On the computer?
A: yeah
S: Okay. Where were you at when that happened?
A: I was _________working on the Internet and all of a sudden like_____
Let me say right here. Brad Wade did not own a computer. He never had one in his home. So AW was at his mom's home when this happened.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh, alright, got that part. Anything at all that you want to say or what to ask?
A: Well, is my dad, am I gonna see my dad today?
S: I doubt it. I don't know that for sure but just from, usually the way these kinds of things work it's not a quick turn around.
A: Well.
S: But I don't know you may need to ask uh, I don't know if anybody is the volunteer__but anyway uh, we talked to your mom a little bit earlier and uh, you know, asked her and she said that she had seven guys that your dad's been accused of molesting. You know, somebody, and I said well how did they react? How did you react when your mom told you?
This was a blatant LIE that Stacy told this child. His dad had only one accuser.
A: I was sad. I cried.
S: Okay.
A: Now I'm mad cause I didn't, I love him________to do that.
S: That's just it. Uh, you know we have to try to figure stuff out like that, we,_______but we do these things as a team.
A: Uh huh.
S: which is why I say we a lot of times, but the detectives and investigators, they have to figure out a lot of stuff and they talk to a bunch of people where I talk to just the kids, okay? Uh, you know I'm gonna try to keep this as limited as possible, but I talked to a person that accused your dad of this, okay, and that person had a lot of good information, okay? Uh, and were able to give me a lot of information, okay? Uh, I don't make the determination of you know whose telling the truth, that's for a judge to do, I don't do that okay? My point to you is uh you know whey would somebody accuse another person of this if it didn't happen?
A: Because they're mad or jealous of 'em.
S: Okay. Who's mad or jealous of your dad and why?
A: I don't know. I mean, he goes to work, I'm at school, and I get home from school and sometimes he comes by and picks my up and we go to the house.
S: Uh, let's leave all this______alright, uh, Mom says I just kinda, we try to get a little bit of history about kids, you know, we go to talk to them, just to kind of see what life is like for them, you know, today and life is often______you know. She said your grades kinda dropped about last year and just stuff happen, what about you getting in trouble at school?
A: Yes
S: Okay. What kind of trouble?
A: Uh, for fighting.
S: Okay. And that's never happened so much before?
A: No, I usually, I just walk away_______but
S: But what?
A: Hitting figurely
S: What does that_____
A: Uh, pushing him around and hitting him
S: Okay
A: In the arms and in the chest and butt
S: What about at home?_______going on?
A: Sometimes
S: Do you get aggravated or......
A: Yeah, I get mad at my little sister
S: Okay.
A: She always, she's_______I can do whatever I want to.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh mom says that you got mad sometimes at home, she didn't say why or any reasons but she made the comment and that you wanted to live with dad, that, she just kinda gets a little concerned the way she was talking you know. Okay, what you're doing, it's not about where you're at, it's just you, she wants you to be okay. Anything different change for you in the last year, year and a half, besides you getting fed up with people picking on you?
A: Oh,, I don't know. I'm not real sure about that.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh, AW, I don't know what's gonna happen, okay? And I'm not going to tell you that this will happen and it don't and then you're gonna say well that girl I talked to she, you know, lied or whatever. Uh, I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know what's gonna come out of this. Nobody that's involved in this case is gonna be able to tell you that at this point. Okay? I know your world has been turned upside down. Okay. I don't know how it couldn't have been, alright? I know you love your dad. We don't want you not to love him
A: Okay
S: He's you dad. Alright? And just be patient, okay? I know that's hard to do cause I'm not the most patient person in the world. Just be patient and hang in there is the best advice I can give you right now, okay? Is there anything at all that you want to tell me right now?
A: No.
S: Are there any questions that you have?
A: Yeah
S: Okay.
A: How come I can't like talk to my dad or have my dad come over and all that?
S: I don't know that to be honest. I haven't been told, just where is your dad?
A: I don't even know
S: you don't know?
A: I haven't been able to talk to him.
S: Okay. I, I don't know that part cause I don't get a lot of the information on that end thing so like I said I just talk to the kids, okay? But we can try to find those answers for you, okay? Uh, is everything you told me today been the truth?
A: Yes ma'am
S: One hundred percent true? Not stretched just a little bit or anything?
A: No, no
S: Okay. Uh, I rally appreciate you talking to me. I know some things we've had to cover today are not the most popular topics to talk with when you meet somebody for the first time. Okay? I really appreciate you're talking to me though, okay? If there is anything at all that comes up that you think, you know I really want to sit down and ask her about this or talk to her about this because I forgot about it, or whatever, okay? Let your mom know and she can get in contact with the people that can get in contact with me or whatever. Okay? Anything at all that comes up, alright?
A: Yep
S: Anything else you can think of?
A: Nope
S: Okay. Hang tight for a minute and I'm gonna send, we're gonna switch places with you and________are really what we're gonna do, okay?
A: Where my mom is?
S: Uh, I really don't know. I'll have to go see. She's probably talking to Cynthia, do you know Cynthia_______
A: The cardinal?
S: Uh, I guess, uh yes. I think he son's name is Austin, is that okay?
A: Yeah
S: Do you, do you want your mom?
A: I want to see her.
S: You do? Okay. Hang on one second.
(Goes to find mother) (AW is singing, and banging on table, etc.)
This is the first interview with AW. There will be another one that occurred one year to the day later with a very different outcome. He was made to go to a Dr. Hilner who decided for him that his dad was a child molester. But next, I am gonna put on here some statements made by AW mother Carolyn Drew, to detective Jennifer Cooley. Jennifer Cooley was the detective in Brad's case. The statements are very powerful. I will post them next.


  1. She kept putting words in his mouth, so to speak. Again, she is a horrible person! He knew his Dad did nothing wrong, he wanted his Dad, and she lied to him. Again, thank you for helping us to see what can happen and how evil people can be to others.

  2. This is so sad, Angie. No computer in the house, but I'm betting Gregor made it seem like that child had access to a computer at his dad's. I'm sorry your brother got caught up in this buy in a way, his story might help save others in the same situation. I only hope his son manages to come out of this mess knowing the truth.

  3. Angie I can't Imagine, They have kelp him from his Dad so they can work on him how sad. Why would they not let him see his DAD.. Sad a MOM that can do this to her child is no better than the mothers in the Craft case. She can't say she loves her Child. so sad.