Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back to the beginning

Ok, first, let me start by saying thank you to all the people who have sent me emails, messages, and comments. I am trying to answer questions as I go. If I have not yet answered yours, I will very soon. I will try to make this and easier read for some, by leaving out some of the 'slang' and just simply tell my brother's story. But, I am a southern girl, so bear with me.

I am going backtrack just a little and give some more history. There seems to be a lot of people interested in just how this all began. So I will tell the story with as many facts as possible and try to leave out my opinions. Refer to the last sentence of the last paragraph please.

My brother is 46 yrs. old. Let me say first, my brother is a Christian man. He was very active in his church for many years. Mostly with the youth. His world was very black and white. Not much gray area with him. He went to church, work, and home. He supported his family always.

He married the first time and had two children. After about 6 years of marriage, they divorced. She filed. And thats all I'm going to say about that. Trying to be nice. He then, after being single for several years, met his second wife. They had twins. A boy and a girl. The boy is this child that I have been talking about in earlier posts. His new wife had a very large family. She and her full sister, two more half sisters and two half brothers. Every two having a different father. This will explain some testimony and what Judge Connelly Graham ignored.

His wife's youngest brother would often stay at my brother and his wife's house. I mean like five nights out of seven. My brother treated him like a son. His son from his first marriage would visit often. He actually lived with him for ten months of the year this all supposedly took place. So the drives through Dade Co. would have been few. That is a fact to remember. My brother's oldest son, and his wife's youngest brother quickly developed a close relationship, as they were close in age. This also a fact to remember.

It was Easter Sunday, 2006. We had all had a great day together at a cousin's house. Egg hunting, fishing, and the kids all running around. Except for the fact that Brad and his wife's youngest brother had words after church the day was pretty good. You see the boy wanted to go with Brad and his sister to the cousin's house, because him, and yet another step-dad were arguing. Brad insisted he go home with his mom and step-dad and he would see him later. The boy was upset with Brad at that point. Remember this fact. Then it starts.

Details of what Brad went through right after the accusation was made are irrelevent. Infuriating and sad, but still irrelevent. The family, like I said before, all live in the state of Alabama. My brother's oldest children, and his ex-wife, and her husband, who despises my brother and always has, lived in Georgia. Fact. The accusation was from his wife's youngest brother. The first and only allegation, until it got to Dade Co. was a verbal thing. Never any touching at all. At first.

Both of the counties the family went to first were in Alabama. Both of the detectives they talked to in both counties, told them this was a 'his word against his' and without any proof or witnesses to anything, they could not help them. And Brad's ex-wife (the one who lives in Dade Co.) made the comments to me and to many others that this was not the Brad she ever knew and she was staying out of it completely and so were her children. She never believed it, according to her. Fact. Then suddenly, everything changed and Dade Co. had an indictment for Brad for child molestation. Len Gregor gained the indictment by telling the grand jury that 'The man's own minister will be testifying against him'. That was not ever true and would never be true. You see, to this day, Brad's minister goes to that little Alabama church and prays for Brad with the utmost sincerity of anyone I have ever seen, that Brad will be vindicated for this horrible untruth. We then have to search for an attorney. Which was our biggest mistake through the whole thing.

Done for today, hope this is ok and not way too much information. Just trying to make this all make sense to everyone. Feedback please. I am trying to include facts that will play out in the trial. I have successfully scanned some of the documents, but am still not sure what I can and cannot do. Have to consult with the attorney. And one last thing today, people are asking me how I am doing. I just want to say to those people, that I am not fighting alone. There are many who are fighting behind the scenes with me. I cannot name them all. They know who they are. But make no mistake, I am not the strong one in this whole thing. My brother is the strong one. He amazes me. He has been through things we only see on TV, and he still manages to bring my spirits up each and every time I talk to him or see him. He is truly an amazing man. Back tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the update, Angie! I was reading through more documents today, and I have no doubt at all that you are telling the truth. There will be more posts on Brad on my blog.

    My strategy is to dribble out one thing and then another, as what needs to be done is for people to lose confidence in the prosecutors and the CAC. Once people realize these people are not and have not been truthful, we can get more and more people on our side.

    BTW, great picture!

  2. Angie,

    Wow! Huge improvement in your latest blog post. I really appreciate getting more of the background information that lead up to your brother's conviction. Great job! I'll be following your blog closely.

  3. WOW! you are doing better.

  4. Good post, will be watching and praying

  5. Great information. Have you contacted the investigators in Alabama about speaking on your brother's behalf? That they turned down the case only to have the accusers come back with manufactered information makes this even more powerful. It's amazing how a quick pass through a county can destroy a person's life. But Dade's like that. Of all the counties in LMJC, it has the worst rep. My formerly bad boy son once said he would run and run and run until the cops shot him if Dade tried to arrest him. Guess I know why now.

  6. Wonderful improvement Angie. It's really starting to come together. You're doing great with keeping it personal. Keep the story line simple. Just like Tonya's case, part of the task is taking something complex and confusing to an outsider and making sense of it. You are absolutely going in the right direction.

    Keep in the forefront of your mind that you want to explain to people who know nothing or next to nothing about your brother's case. You have momentum on your side. As people begin to see the rottenness in the LMJD system, they'll start asking questions.

    I hope you have righteousness on your side as well. I don't know much yet, but I know that I don't trust Arnt and Gregor and I know that Bill's pretty good at smelling a rat. I hope your brother's innocent and I hope he's set free if he is. Grace and peace to you.

  7. I think the more you read, the more you will see as clearly as the rest of us that my brother is completely innocent. Thanks for your kind words.