Sunday, June 6, 2010

More of Stacy Long

Q But you didn't try to have him explain how it happenend in- it would have to have been after December 29th of 2005, wouldn't it, if he was twelve years old?
A Yes, I guess we can assume that.
Q Okay. Now, with regard to the first interview I guess- well, the first interview you did with him he said nothing had happened?
A Okay. Are we talking about AW?
Q AW, yes.
A Okay. Yes, the first interview AW did not disclose, he was not very happy even at the time.
Q AW denied any inappropriate allegations on that date?
A That is correct.
Q BW (Brad's oldest daughter) denied any inappropriate behavior that she witnessed between her and JH in her interview?
A That's correct.
Q Okay. Now let's go back to the first interview with JH, I guess the only interview?
A Yes.
Q At that time I think you had been a, what you described as a forensic interviewer, for two years and two months?
A In 2006? I started doing forensic interviews in 2002, so that would be four years.
Q I thought you told me that you did it, February 2004 you became a forensic interviewer?
A No, I came back to the CAC in Ft. Oglethorpe in February 2004.
Q Okay. As a forensic interviewer?
A Only. I had worked there previously.
Q But not full time as an interviewer?
A I'm still not full time.
Q And do you have- you said you don't have- is there a degree in forensic interviewing?
A Not that I am aware of.
Q And do you follow a protocol when you do a forensic interview?
A There is a semi-structured model that Cornerhouse teaches, so we follow that when necessary. And just the guidelines of doing a forensic interview.
Q And does that include wearing an ear piece with a detective?
A That can be different for a lot of different centers. We utilize that method. Cornerhouse actually has a phone that rings in the middle of the interview if the detective or case worker has question that interrupts-
Q This is supposed to be an independent interview; isn't it?
A What does that mean?
Q You're supposed to be as an interviewer finding out, you're not supposed to be doing work as a police are you?
A I'm not
Q Okay. Well, when you're wearing an ear piece and things are suggested to you you're not?
A No. That's doing an interview.
Q What I'm asking you is is that when- do you have any notes about when the detective asked you questions?
A No, there's no way I could keep notes on that and everything else, too.
Q So, it's possible that's questions the detective was having you ask?
A That's very possible.
Q Well, then it's not you doing the interview it's her(the detective) doing the interview; isn't it?
A It's me on the tape

I will continue from here on the next blog. Stacy Long is going to say whatever she needs to say to get this conviction for Mr. Gregor.


  1. Forgot to spell check this one. Sorry, I was in a hurry to finish.

  2. What a horrible person! Long is trying to manipulate the attorney and he seems to be allowing it to happen. Thank you for letting us see what happened.

  3. kpb, thanks for the info. I am just still trying to make sure that I do or say nothing that will interfere with my brother's appeal. That is why I have not posted the documents. I think Mr. Anderson has copies of all of this and maybe he can post some of them. I just have to be careful as not to damage my brother's case at all. It does take a long time to type all of this and I am skipping around, trying to highlight some key parts. I still have more things to post from Stacy Long and then I wanted to kinda post JH's inteview with her as well. It mentions names all through it so I will have to do the same way I have been. But it is very interesting how he answers the questions differently every time she asks. Until she finally gets her answer. Thanks again for the info. and the help!! Please keep reading.

  4. Angie,

    I understand not wanting to damage your brother's appeal... really, I do. But, seriously, how much worse can it really get for your brother right now? He's in prison, convicted of a crime that he didn't commit, and he's already been serving time for several years! I'm sure that you trust your attorney and all, and I know that you want to do what is in your brother's best interest, but I just don't understand how you could jeopardize his case for appeal. You are posting trial transcripts that are available to anybody with the cash to pay for them. Don't mean to sound like I'm bashing you, but if the spotlight hadn't been shown on the Tonya Craft trial, then I probably STILL would be unaware as to the level of criminal misconduct that was ongoing throughout that entire case by the very people that are suppose to be all about serving, protecting, and justice. I'm extremely curious as to why the appeals attorney does NOT want ALL of the details of the previous trial released. Can you explain?

  5. Angie, it's blatantly clear how untrained Stacy Long is as soon as she asks what an independent interview is. The words alone suggest the meaning. Or am I trying to put too much intelligence on this woman? This is ridiculous. Right off, in the early testimony, it's mentioned the incident in question happened in Alabama. What kind of judge lets the trial continue with that kind of information? What kind of jury convicts based on allegations the Alabama authorities never bothered to investigate for lack of evidence? Oh, I forgot. This is LMJC. Anything goes. That simple mistake right there makes the rest of Ms. Long's testimony suspect. Without an arrest and conviction in Alabama, there is no evidence of prior bad acts; it's simply nothing but rumor and innuendo.
    One piece of information you might find will make your life easier. There are all-in-one printers relatively cheap where you can scan and copy information to your computer. Check Office Depot. I got one recently with wireless hookup for less than 100. And they'll also do well for receiving faxes in addition to normal printing. Those can save you lots of time, aggravation, and constant trips to places like Kinko's to scan information to a CD.

  6. If you buy what KC suggests, get one that will save it to MSWord.

  7. My name is Denise Williams. I sit through the Trial of Brad Wade. After reading Willim L. Anderson, and Justice for Brad Wade. Myself along with Lavelda Chambers, Robby Aselton,
    Kadum Aselton, and Makayla Aselton, Pray that
    truth will pervail. That is truth in all areas.
    I have know Brad for at least 29yrs. We've work
    together in Church in different positions. I have never know Brad to be anything but loyal and honest.
    Is there anything to hard for GOD. Absolutley
    not. and be assured the whole truth will prevail. If GOD be for us who can be against
    Just one more thing. Brad conduct has never been that of which he has been Accused of.