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continuing with Amy Morton's affidavit

Confirmatory Bias

The forensic interviewer, Stacy Long, failed to adopt a hypothesis testing approach, and instead proceed with a confirmatory bias. This bias impacted the entire architecture of this investigation and opened the doors for multiple investigative errors that included:

Multiple Interviews Over Time

JH did not make a spontaneous allegation of sexual abuse against Brad Wade. Instead, beginning in December of 2005, he was questioned multiple times by his mother, Kathleen Williams, who believed that "something was going on." Despite her questioning him "three or four times," JH denied that Brad was abusing him. Then, on April 16, 2006, after wishing aloud that Brad Wade was no longer part of the family, he was again questioned by his brother Eric. Of course, there is no objective documentation of any of these conversations. Once JH made the allegation, Eric questioned him again the following morning. He was also questioned by Det. Cooley. That interview was not objectively documented, and it should have been. He was then interviewed by Stacy Long on April 18, 2006. Prior to trial, he was deposed, in a most leading fashion, by Brad Wade's divorce lawyer. The possible influence of his family and the multiple interviews over time is potentially suggestive. The forensic interviewer should have made an effort to assess the impact, but she did not.

Failure to Screen for Coaching and Third Party Influence

Despite having been questioned repeatedly, over time, by family members, during the forensic interview, Stacy Long does not ask JH about the nature of these conversations or about what others said to him or asked him. She also fails to inquire about the behavior and demeanor of those who questioned him or about what conversations regarding Brad Wade happened in his presence. The forensic interviewer failed to ask about the family's attitude toward Brad Wade, prior to the allegations, and she should have asked. She also failed to fully explore JH's conversations with Eric on April 16th and 17th.

Failure to Challenge Improbable Elements

JH alleges that some of the incidents occurred in the upstairs bedroom at the home of Brad and Rhona Wade. That upstairs bedroom is an open loft area. He alleges that some of the incidents happened when others were in the house or present. These elements of the allegations seem improbable, but the forensic interviewer fails to ask JH clarifying questions with regard to these details.

Failure to Screen for Potential for Secondary Gain

JH told his brother Eric that he wanted Brad Wade out of the family. JH tells the forensic interviewer that he hopes that Brad will soon be his ex-brother-in-law. While it is possible that the reason for this is that JH was being abused, the interviewer failed to consider or even ask about any other possible reasons why JH might be angry with Brad, such as Brad telling AW to ignore him.

Improper Use of Leading and Suggestive Questions

Stacy Long's interview of JH is replete with leading and suggestive questions, and on a number of occasions, JH changes his answer, following her lead. For example:

Stacy: Ok. JH did he ever try to kiss you?

JH: No

Stacy: Or rub on you in any way or..

JH: Oh, yeah.

Stacy: Tell me about that.

JH: Uh, like, uh, he (inaudible) you know (inaudible) like a friendly kiss or whatever.

Stacy: Ok.

JH: Like, he's do it with BW, PW, AW

Stacy: Ok.

JH: He'd try to do that to me, which I think he did.

Stacy: Ok. When you say friendly kiss, what do you mean?

JH: Just like kissing on the lips.

Stacy: Ok. Alright. so, he tried to do that?

JH: Yeah, I think he did that like, once or twice, holding me down.

In the above series, JH, in response to a very direct question, says that Brad Wade did not ever kiss him, but he quickly changes his statement and includes significant detail. Here's another example:

Stacy: Did he make any comments about the size of it?

JH: Huh u.

Stacy: Ok. (inaudible) In comparison to his...

JH: Oh, yeah.

And, a third example:

Stacy: Ok. alright. And when it happened, what did he want you to do while you were in the car:

JH: Just look at it.

Stacy: Ok. Did he want you to masturbate?

JH: Uh, just that one time I believe.


Stacy: Did he ever touch you?

JH: In the car?

Stacy: Uh huh

JH: Yeah.

And fourth example:

Stacy: Alright. And then at his house. Did it happen in one room or more than one room?

JH: One room

Stacy: What room?

JH: The upstairs bedroom.


Stacy: Ok. Alright. What would you be doing up in the bedroom...not what he was doing, were you up there alone and he came there, were you two up there, like....

JH: I was like, taking a shower.

Stacy: Ok. And then what...what....Brad just came up there or what?

JH: Well. Yeah, I guess so, like. Yeah.

Stacy: He wouldn't be up there when you went to get in the shower?

JH: I think, sometimes.

JH's story seems to expand and grow over the course of this interview, and by the time he is deposed in April of 2007, the story has expanded even further in terms of the number of times athe alleged abuse occurred. Ms. Long's extremely direct and leading questions were inappropriate in a forensic interview and may have tainted JH's answers.

Documentation is Inadequate

All interviews, including Det. Cooley's interview of JH, should have been recorded.


The forensic interview of JH by Stacy Long is riddled with errors and improper technique and represents a missed opportunity to discover whether or not JH's allegations were influenced by anything other than his own experience. As a result, the reliability of JH's statements may have been negatively impacted by improper forensic technique.

I also evaluated the forensic interviews of AW. After initial and repeated denials, after spending time in therapy with a psychologist who expressed a belief that he has been abused though AW never alleged that he was a victim, AW changed his original story to conform to the statements of his friend, JH.

Confirmatory Bias

Confirmatory bias on the part of Stacy Long allowed her to accept AW's second statement as factual while discounting his contradictory first statement. Further, her bias toward confirming the allegations in the case allowed her to inappropriately re-interview AW just days before trial and nearly a year after his initial denial. Further, she failed in this second interview to inquire about whether AW had been under any pressure from anyone to "come forward." There is absolutely no basis for deciding that AW's statements in the second interview are more reliable than his statements in the first interview. I noted the following errors:

Multiple Interviews Over Time

In addition to his two interviews with Stacy Long, AW was also repeatedly questioned in therapy. For example, he was asked to consider what it meant to have a father who was a sex offender. Further, during the year between the two interviews, he had little family support for standing behind his father-even if his statements were true.

Failure to Assess Third Party Influence or Coaching

Before the second forensic interview begins, a man (his step-father) comes in the room and prays with AW. Because the content of the prayer is focused on disclosure, this was particularly inappropriate. The forensic interviewer should have considered the impact of this prayer and talked with AW about how these allegations were discussed in the family and in therapy over the course of the last year. The forensic interviewer missed the opportunity to screen for third party influence.

Failure to Consider Impact of Family Dysfunction

The forensic interviewer should have asked questions designed to assess the impact of family conflict and dysfunction. With a divorce ongoing and the apparent conflict between family members as evidenced by the report to law enforcement regarding threats, it would have been important to understand if and how AW was impacted by the family's opinion of his father.

Use of Leading and Suggestive Questions

Again, in this interview, Stacy Long relies on very leading and suggestive questions. She frequently provided answers in the context of multiple choice and forced choice questions.

Potential for Secondary Gain

The interviewer fails to establish how Brad Wade was viewed by the family. Further, the therapy record reflects that AW was accused of inappropriately touching his younger sister. These two facts could have created a situation where AW thought it to his advantage to "side with his family" against his father. If he was in trouble for his actions with his sister, then it is likely that he would not have wanted to be identified with someone who was arrested for sexual abuse. This forensic interviewer failed to explore any of this with AW.


AW made two contradictory statements. Based on his statements and the inappropriate techniques used here, there is no way to know which statement is accurate. It is erroneous to assume that because one statement better fits the investigator's theory of the case, it is the one that is accurate.

Behavior and Demeanor of the Children

I evaluated the behavior and demeanor of AW and JH as reflected in the records available for review. Based on this review, it appears the despite alleging that sexual abuse was ongoing, JH repeatedly chose to be alone with Brad Wade and repeated denied that he was being abused when he was asked directly. This is not consistent with typical behavior and demeanor of a child who was being sexually abused. Similarly, AW, who allegedly witnessed abuse, made repeated efforts to be with his father, Brad Wade. Even after his father was arrested, the therapy record indicates that he was negotiating with his family for some kind of contact with his father. This is not typical for a child who has witnessed sexual abuse.


The improper and inadequate interview techniques and lack of evidence other than the children's improperly obtained statements makes reliability a significant concern in this case. Further, the children's relationship with the defendant coupled with their overall functioning as reflected in this record is not consistent with the allegations made in this case. Finally, substantial evidence exists that was not made available to the defense expert or the jury in this case. Even with the available evidence, the problems with these two forensic interviews are significant, and expert opinion with regard to these techniques could have been presented at trial.


Since initially preparing this report, I have had the opportunity to review additional evidence and to further review original evidence in this matter. Specifically, I have reviewed:

1) 4/21/2006 Forensic Interview of AW, tape, transcript and forensic report

2) forensic Interview of PW, tape, transcript and forensic report

3) Forensic Interview of BW, tape, transcript and forensic report

4) Forensic Interview of Angela Brooke Wade, tape, transcript and forensic report

5) School Records of JH

6) Medical Records of JH from Children's Health System and Reddy Clinic

Based on my review of these records, it is my opinion that this evidence underscores and exacerbates the problems with the forensic interviews in this case and raises new issues that were not reflected i the trial transcript.

Forensic Interview of AW on 4/21/2006

The statements of AW on 4/21/2006 reflect not simply the absence of accusation of his father, Brad Wade, but his affirmative denial that his father could have or would have done such a thing. At the beginning and at the end of the interview, AW affirms and reaffirms his intention to tell the truth. This is the interview that occurred closest to the time of the alleged offense, before AW was involved in counseling that was "How to get AW to discuss issues pertaining to his father as he appears to be repressing this." The therapy that followed was directed toward that goal and as such could have influenced AW's statements in the second interview.

Additionally, between the first and second interviews, AW was himself accused of inappropriately touching his eight year old half sister. Instead of seeing the second interview in the essential context of the first interview and the intervening suggestive therapy, the jury simply viewed the second interview in a vacuum. This is especially true considering this statement on his "Child and Family Questionnaire" in this therapy file:

How would you describe the child as a person?

(From Parent) "loving, but difficult child, headstrong, likes things his way, manipulative, and sneaky. Has problems with being honest and likes to please others."

When parents are self-reporting that a child has a problem being honest, and that the child likes to please others, it is reasonable to assume that this is a child with whom adults should take special care to avoid influence. Instead, he was interviewed, suggestively, twice, a year apart and engaged in very suggestive, biased therapy in between. In addition:
1) AW says that his dad (Brad Wade) "wouldn't do that."
2) Repeatedly, during this interview, the forensic interviewer's responses to AW assertion that his father could not have done this reflected her confirmatory bias that Brad Wade was guilty. Though AW resists her influence during the first interview, it is this bias that led her to do the second interview at all and then led her to give the second interview greater weight than the first. For example, Ms. Long says, "But what I am going to tell you is your dad has been accused of molesting a teenage guy. Those are your words, okay. Not many teenage guys are going to come out and accuse somebody of that. Okay? Just for the heck of doing it. Okay? Whey would anyone do that?"
3) In addition to stating that he knows that his father would not do this, in the first interview, he also says that he knows the accuser is not "JH."
4) AW wants to see his father and requests to do so during the interview. This is not the action of a child who was fearful of their father.
Forensic Interview of BW(Brad's youngest son)(pay close attention to what Mrs. Morton has to say about this one)
Though BW was only three years old, his forensic interview produced information relevant to the facts of this case, but it was ignored by the investigators. First of all, BW, who lived in a home with six people, or more, at times, and only two bedrooms, gave no indication at all of having witnessed anything inappropriate between Brad Wade and JH. Since he was a potential eye witness, the absence of a disclosure on his part is information that should have been considered when weighing other statements in this case. In addition, reflecting her single-minded bias, during the course of this forensic interview, BW tells Ms Long repeatedly about being touched and tickled in private parts including his "butt" and his "willie" by a boy or boys, but because of her focus on Brad Wade, Ms. Long fails to ask sufficient clarifying questions to allow her to asses whether someone other than Brad Wade had inappropriately touched this child. Later, in a separate interview, Brooke disclosed that AW and JH showered together on more than one occasion. Given this history, it would have been important for this interview to do more than ask one or two follow up questions to try to determine who BW was talking about. This interview was not made available to the jury, and in her report and in her testimony, Ms Long simply says there was "no disclosure" and does not mention the allegations made toward "the boys."
Forensic Interview of PW ( Brad's youngest daughter, twin to BW)
Like her twin brother, PW did not disclose any information supporting the allegations in this case during her forensic interview. Again, the absence of such a disclosure give the crowded household and the proximity of the upstairs bedroom to the rest of the house, is important information to consider in light of the statements of the allegations. She is aware of where it is and is not okay for someone to touch her, so it is reasonable to assume that had she witnessed or experienced inappropriate touching she would've known that it was inappropriate.
Forensic Interview of Angela "Brooke" Wade
Though Brooke Wade did not spend a great deal of time in her father's home, her observations in the forensic interview are relevant to this case. First of all, Brooke pointed to a close relationship between AW and his father and the crowded household as reasons she rarely visited. Other than affirming that her father did go into the bathroom when the boys were showering, she did not provide any information that supports the statements of JH. Instead, she denies having seen any type of inappropriate touching in that home. Further, she contradicts AW to affirm that JH and AW did, in fact, shower together on more than one occasion.
Ok, its me here. I just want to say that the reason Brad would go into the bathroom would be to tell one of the boys to get out and let the other one finish their shower. One at a time. And Rhona also requested he do so. Just sayin.
School and Medical Records of JH
Typically, children who are victims of abuse exhibit some types of symptoms of that abuse. for example, school grades often fall or they may have increased somatic complaints. Not all children respond in the same way, but in the case of JH, there appear to be few behavioral indicators of abuse. For example, according to his school records, his performance was fairly static during the time the abuse was allegedly ongoing, and in a "social history" note in his medical file on 10/23/2006, there was no mention of the allegations. Instead, the file reads, "The patient lives with Both parents together. There are 1 siblings living in the home. The pt. is in the 10th grade. Comments: Doing well in school."
Most if not all of the information referenced in this addendum was not reflected in the transcript of the trial. Much of this information directly contradicts and calls into question testimony given at trial.

Ok. That is Amy H. Morton's affidavit. It sums things up in a nutshell!! Back again soon!

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This is the interview with Brad's oldest child, his daughter

This is the interview with Brad's oldest child. She is now 19 years old and married. She was against her dad after Dade Co. got involved. Since the trial she has changed her mind several times. She went and gave a taped interview with our Attorney in Atl. Then a few months later she wouldn't speak to us again. So we really don't know what she thinks at this moment.
This is her interview with Stacy Long.
S: Okay. So you're Angela Brooke Wade?
B: Yeah
S: And you're 15?
B: Uh huh
S: You go by Brooke, right?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. My name is Stacy and my job is to talk to kids. Big kids, little kids, boy and girls. It's what I do, okay? And_______kids talk to me so I can get information from them, find out what they know. Okay? I know two days ago it all came to whatever and uh what we'll do is just talk a little bit, okay? Brooke you can ask me questions, you can tell me things that you want me to know, that you just want to say, whatever. Okay? When we're in here you can talk to me about anything at all, okay? I don't promise you I have answers to your questions but I'll do my best to get it for you, okay? Uh, all I need you to do is just be honest with me, okay? No matter what the truth is, you just be honest with me and we're gonna be doing a lot better off. Okay? Uh, that obviously the ______stuff, okay? Uh, I'll ask you a lot of questions today. Uh, what I have to do is that I have to clarify to make sure I understand exactly what it is your saying uh and it's because the nature of my job people can say something and it mean a lot different things to different people, okay? So I'm not trying to make things hard on you or anything like that. So I give everybody the same speech, it's the same speech I give everybody. Uh, just be honest with me, uh, use whatever words you want to use. It's not going to embarrass me, I'm not gonna say oh my gosh, I'm not to be doing that over here, okay? I've heard a lot of things. I've heard a lot of things from some very young kids, okay? Uh, so whatever words is fine in here, okay? I promise. Uh, you're not going to get in trouble, you're not getting other people in trouble, uh, if there's anything you need to tell me, okay, that you feel like that may be a question or just information, okay? Uh, it's being videotaped. That's for your protection and my protection and a lot of times it keeps you from having to talk to a lot of different people a lot of different times, okay? Uh, that's released to the_______ and it's part of our case file and other people can't just sit down and watch it just cause they want to, okay? It's a need to know type______. Uh, other than that it's all I can think of right now. Do you have any questions?______ Okay. I know you're well aware of the purpose you are here today. do you want to go right into that or do you want me to start out with some other stuff?
B: (inaudible)
S: Uh, I've already talked to your brother, AW and he's kinda given me the information on your household so I already know that so I don't have to get that from you. Uh, let's see you live in _______so you to school here.
B: Uh huh
S: How, how is school? Doing okay?
B: It's good.
S: God. Lots of friends?
B: Yeah. I guess.
S: So what grade does that make you?
B: Tenth.
S: Tenth. But your grades are good?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay._______I have a __________.__________I don't blame you for _________. Alright, are involved in lots of activities or
B: Ballet.
S: Ballet?
B: Uh huh
S: Do you take that here in ______
B: ( inaudible)
S: Oh, that's interesting. How long have you been doing it?
B: Nine years.
S: Wow. Are you involved in anything else?
B: (inaudible)
S: No? Okay.
B: I_____like every day, every Sunday.
S: Oh really?
B: Yes.
S: Okay. Well good. Now that you say that, I can picture that. You have, I don't know, have that tall.....okay so you're in ballet, alright. Tell me what, why you're come here today.
B: Because they sad that my dad molested or sexually I'm not for sure.
S: Okay.
B: Boys
S: (inaudible) and that's all you know about it?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. And you're mom told you that?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. What did you think when mom said that?
B: I don't know. I was shocked. Cause I don't think my dad would do____
S: Okay. Have you talked to your dad?
B: No
S: Uh,
B: I don't talk very much.
S: You don't talk very much?
B: Maybe once or twice a month.
S: Okay.
B: And I'll stay of a Saturday night and go home Sunday.
S: Okay.
B: Because of ballet.
S: Okay.
B: So I can't really go out there.
S: Do you like being up there or would you want to be at your mom's or
B: I'd want to be at my mom's.
S: Why?
B: Because, I don't know, it feels like home (inaudible)
S: Are you the center of attention at mom's or no?
B: Well I get more attention than what I do
S: Okay.
B: Cause of the twins and my brother
S: Okay. That's fine. You can tell me anything at all in this room, okay? Uh, how, how do you feel that you don't get the attention, I mean what happens? Okay, twins, I know their three is that right?
B: Yes.
S: Okay, I can, I can kinda just imagine
(Change sides of tape)
S: What it must be like. Uh, what about, what about your brother. How id that?
B: I don't know.
S: How does he absorb attention?
B: Just cause he, he's just really fights. He always does stuff to try to get attention.
S: Okay.
B: So he's like he's always trying to be like, you know, big and everything and try to , I don't know
S: How do you get along with your dad?
B: Okay.
S: Yall don't have like a strained relationship or anything?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay.
B: Fine
S: Could it be better?
B: Yeah.
S: How do you think it could be better?
B: I don't know, I just, I just don't really like being around him that much, I mean I love him and everything but I'd just rather not be around him
S: How come?
B: Cause, I don't know.
S: Uh, sometimes________it's just kinda hard to relate, you, I mean is that what it's like or is it, I mean is there more?
B: I just, I figure he got remarried and everything, it's just kinda gone for seven years____seem my dad or my brother and we got along fine, but then whenever he got remarried and they uh (inaudible) the twins and Rhona and us.
S: Okay. Yeah. So how do you like Rhona?
B: She's, I love her.
S: Okay. Good. That's good. Okay. Uh, so shock, then you don't think your dad could do something like this. Uh, most of the time that the situation with these kinda cases come up, you know, it's, you know, people just think, they think anything like that would happen to you know them or somebody that they knew or that you that person would be capable of doing that. Uh, but Brooke the reality of it is uh I interview lots and lots and lots of kids. Okay. And it happens. And I know you know what happens? Uh, it happens a lot and uh a lot of times when people do those type of things, uh, theres a different of situation that, that occurred. Okay? I'm not talking about the act that happened, I'm not talking about the actual molestation or whatever, uh, sometimes people make really, really bad choices that lead into it. Sometimes people make a really bad choice just to do the molestation or whatever it is, okay? Uh, so I mean the thing is that a lot of people think that and a lot of perpetrators think not beforehand that they never would have done something like that. I, I don't know that this happened. That's not my decision to make, okay? I get his information from the kids. Okay? And then there's, an investigation or whatever takes place from there, okay? Uh, but I do this part. Have you ever seen anything that you even remotely questioned and that you, you felt was a little inappropriate but then you thought well that's just me,_______are not that bad.
B: Uh uh
S: Never seen anything?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Has your dad ever approached you in any way that was inappropriate?
B: No
S: Okay. Have you ever heard him make comments directly or did you ever overhear anything that your dad said?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, you know what pornography is?
B: Yes
S: Have you ever seen any of that in his house or any form?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, had anyone ever told you anything about your dad or said anything about it all?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Uh, what about have you ever seen, have you ever seen anything happen in his house that didn't even involve him? That was, you know,____any type?
B: Uh uh
S: inappropriate behavior. Okay. Uh, Alright, what about the bathroom with your dad, have you ever seem him, even on accident without any clothes on, uh, if he was just getting out of the shower or anything like that?
B: Like when I was living with him.
S: Okay. Uh, you remember that when you were little?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. Uh, what about the other way around. Has he ever seen you without any clothes on or even on accident?
B I'm open, I've only, I've really open, ballet we change back stage and everything so I mean it's nothing for me to just walk through the house going to my bedroom to get some clothes or pajamas.
S: With nothing on?
B: Yeah.
S: And not covered?
B: Yeah.
S: Okay. Okay.
B: Like, you know, Uh, it could, (inaudible) I don't know, I'm sure he had but not, I wasn't like, (inaudible)
S: You were not like parading around?
B: Yes (laughs)
S: Uh, so if he had it's been on a situation where you ran
B: Yeah
S: quickly from the bathroom to your bedroom or
S: okay the bathroom to______
B: Yeah
S: Okay. Alright, any other situation even like that, any_______
B: NO.
S: Alright. Uh, you never heard any inappropriate comments. You've never seen anything with him or any other person that would have been inappropriate toward you, your brother, the twins, Rhona, in front of you, uh, nothing?
B: No
S: Okay. Do you have any suspicions of where this could have originated from?
B: I don't know. I mean I know that Rhona and her family and my dad are arguing. With JH, her brother, their like mad, I don't know if their mad, but their not talking.
S: Okay.
B: And I know like a couple of times my dad, like the boys (meaning JH and AW)had gone upstairs to take a bath and they went outside playing or something and he's be like oh_____cause you know how they just like______all this other stuff.
S: Okay.
B: So I mean some of that, but I don't think dad
S: Was your dad involved in that?
B: Yeah
S: Like mines big or
B: Yeah
S: that kind of stuff
B: I mean but he would go upstairs and the boys would be taking a shower and
S: When you say the boys who
B: JH and AW
S: Together?
B: Yes.
S: Alright, when would that happen? Recently? A couple of years ago?
B: I don't know, I mean like_____year
S: Okay.
B: They were like _______I guess.
S: _____________________
B: Yes.
S: Okay. But JH, is that right?
B: Uh huh.
S: And AW took a shower together?
B: Yes
S: Okay. Why did they take them together?
B: Cause they were______, I don't know. I mean I take showers with my friends if we're in a hurry or something.
S: Okay.
B: But I don't , they're family
S: Okay
B: I don't know. Cause, cause they wanted to.
S: Okay.
B: Cause they have to, I don't know.
S: Okay. Uh, have you ever seen anything between JH and AW that was inappropriate?
B: (inaudible)
S: Alright. Uh, so what do you think about all this?
B: I don't know. I don't know what to think because I can't
S: Well I told AW, I know that two days ago your world was turned upside down and its, if you probably had so many thoughts and emotions that you've already experienced and you may have even more different ones that you haven't experienced come up, okay? Uh, don't be afraid to reach out to someone if you need to talk okay? Uh, you know we don't make the, I don't make the decision you know. Yeah, this happened, or no this didn't happen. I don't do that. I get the information from the kids and I hand (laughs) it to somebody else to let them decide. Uh, and there is still a lot that will have to be done before that decision can ever be close to being made at this point. Okay? Uh, but again don't be afraid to reach out if you need to. Uh, this is not something that you're just gonna want to sit down with your friends and say hey guess what? I mean I can understand that. Uh, at the same time, you know, if there's somebody that you feel comfortable talking to uh go ahead. If there is any information that you feel like, yeah, and you know maybe it's something you didn't think of today while you're talking to me that comes up later, just let your mom know and she can call whoever and you know let them get that information from you. Okay? Cause it's possible that could happen. Uh, like I say you've kinda been in a whirlwind for the past two days and you know once everything comes to settle just a little then things like that can possibly come up for you. Uh, do you have any questions or anything you want to say?
B: (inaudible) ( she asked on the tape if she was gonna see her dad)
S: I don't know uh that. I don't get, I don't make those kind of decisions either. Uh, we can try to find that out. A lot of times, I'm just gonna tell like possibilities are a lot of times different and arrangements can be made, you know, for people to be in that contact when it's okay, uh, I don't know. That's something that we need to ask, I'll ask, I don't think it's_________twins but a similar questions about seeing somebody so we'll try to get that answered for you or get the ball rolling to get and answer for you, okay? Anything else you can think of? Is there anything you want to say? Is there anything Brooke that at the time you just missed it or you didn't really give it a whole lot of thought but now it's like you think that really means something, now that you've heard this. Is there anything that you are questioning?
B: Nothing I can thin of , uh, I wasn't really there much to see
S: Okay.
B: You know
S: That would make sense. Again, don't be afraid to reach out if you just need to talk to somebody and if you feel like you need like a counselor or a therapist or something like that, people are scared to death to ask for that cause there is such a stigma (laughs) attached. Everybody in the world could use somebody like that if the truth be known. Uh, but just don't be afraid to reach out and you know if you have a hard time dealing with it or whatever, sometimes , you know sometimes you need a mutual person that's not going to be on dad's side and it's not gonna be against dad or if you feel________mutual person that you can talk to about what you're feeling and what you're thinking, okay? Not somebody that you need answers from necessarily. Uh, but just_______okay? Anything else you can think of or you want to say or ask?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Let me go check real quick and make sure what I need to do with you guys if you need to stay in that office room or whatever. Okay? Alright. Just hang on for one second.
S: I just need to clarify something real quick for myself. You said JH and AW taking a shower together was your dad, was he there? Did he walk in on them or anything? I know________. Did he go get a shower with them like get in the shower?
B:(inaudible) she shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head
S: Did he go into the bathroom?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Was he in there for about how long to pick up a towel and leave or was he in there longer than that or just about
B: I _________I don't know, I can't give a time
S: Okay.
B: Uh, was he in there the whole time?
S: Okay. Uh, how many times did you notice that JH and uh yeah, JH and AW took a shower together? More than once?
B: Yes
S: Okay, did your dad ever take a shower with them?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Did he go in the bathroom where they were taking a shower?
B: (inaudible)
S: You don't know?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Anything else you can think of at all?
B: Not that I'm aware of.
S: Well______can think of too, what I'm gonna do is let you go back to this office where you guys were out and just hang out for a tew minutes and we'll find out if your mom is finished talking______okay?
B: Okay
S: Uh, Brooke I really appreciate it and just hang in there, okay? Alright.

B: I don't kno

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview with Brad's youngest son, he is 3 and1/2 years old during this interview

S: What is that?
BW: I don't know
S: You (inaudible)
BW: Mama??
S: Can we leave the door cracked?
BW: I'll be behind you ( inaudible)
BW: Mama!
S: She's gonna stay right here and I won't close th door. Okay?
BW: Mama. I want to go over there
Rhona: I know baby, but listen to me. This is uh like a school grown and Miss Stacy plays the teacher and we want you to (inaudible)
BW's mom was in the room during this entire interview. He would not have it any other way. He was not going to stay in the room without his mom.
BW: Mama!
S: Can I tell you something BW?
BW: (inaudible)
S: Your sister told me how smart you are, can you do that real fast?
BW: No.
S: Please tell me how smart you are. I'll bet you're just as smart as your sister
BW: (inaudible)
S: Here we'll leave the door open this time. Okay. I'll sit right here and (inaudible) okay? While she plays with sister can we come here and play with the barn? She'll be right here. You can see. Okay?
BW: No.
The next several lines are just her trying to win his trust and get him to talk to her. They talk about frogs and shoes and colors, etc. I'm going to start a little further into the inteview as to cut down on typing.
S: Are you a boy or girl?
BW: Boy
S: Of course. Well I got a picture of a boy.
BW: You got a picture of a boy?
S: Uh huh, and we're gonna do is we're gonna name his body parts. Okay?
BW: Oh
S: Okay?
BW: Oh
S: So I'll point to and ask you what it is and you tell me what part it is. What's this?
BW: A head.
S: Head.
BW: (inaudible)
S: What's that?
BW: A body.
S: A body, okay. What's this?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: What is that?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: What is this right here?
BW: Uh, (inaudible) his boobies.
S: Alright, What's this?
BW: Uh, a tummy.
S: A tummy. Now I'm going have to say them so I don't forget, okay? What's this?
BW: Uh a hand.
S: A hand. What part is this?
BW: Uh, a willy
S: A willy. Okay. What is this right here?
BW: A foot
S: A foot. What's this part right here?
BW: Uh, I don't ( inaudible)
S: The back?
BW: Yeah.
S: Okay. What is this right here?
BW: Uh, the butt
S: The butt. Do you have all this parts BW?
BW: No
S: You don't? Huh?
BW: (inaudible) I (inaudible)
S: You do (laughs) okay.
BW: That one.
S: Alright. But do have a butt?
BW: Uh, yeah.
S: So you have a back?
BW: Uh huh right behing there. (pointing to his back)
S: Yes. do you have a head?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: That's it. What about lips? Do you have lips?
BW: Uh, right there.
S: Do you have boobies?
BW: Uh, yes.
S: Do you have a tummy?
BW: Yes.
S: Do you have hands?
BW: Uh huh
S: Do you have a willie?
BW: Yeah
S: Do you have a foot?
BW: Uh huh
S: Alright! So you got all these parts. And sometimes people touch us on our parts don't they?
BW: Yeah
S: Yeah. What about on your hand. Do you ever get something on you hand?
BW: Uh, no
S: You don't? Has anybody helped you wash your hair when you take a bath?
BW: Yeah.
S: Who does that?
BW: Uh, daddy.
S: Daddy does?
BW: Yeah
S: Has anyone else ever helped you wash your hair?
BW: Yes
S: Who? Who elso washes you hair?
BW: Uh, daddy
S: Okay
BW: (inaudible) but mama
S: But mama what?
BW: (inaudible) last night
S: Did mama wash your hair last night?
BW: Yeah
S: Okay.
BW: I can wash my (inaudible)
S: Okay
BW: (inaudible) but she said no and I said yes.
S: Okay (laughs) What about your lips? Do you ever get touched on your lips?
BW: Uh huh
S: Who touches your lips?
BW: Uh, a boy
S: What boy?
BW: The boy who
S: What do they do to your lips?
BW: Uh, uh, they, they touched my lips.
S: With what? What did they touch your lips with?
BW: It was here (pointed to his lips)
S: Okay. What about the boobies? You ever been touched on your boobies?
S: Hey BW have you ever seen anybody else's privates?
BW: Yeah
S: What is a private?
BW: Uh, boy's
S: Boy's what?
BW: We have to color that ( looking at coloring book)
S: Can you tell me where the private is ?
BW: Yeah
S: Point to that boy's private
BW: Why don't we lay him down.
S: Okay. Have you ever seen anybody's else's willie?
BW: Yeah
S: You have? Who's?
BW: Uh, the boys
S: What boys?
BW: The boys that
S: What boys?
S: Just boys?
BW: Yeah
S: Have you ever seen anybody's else's willie?
BW: Uh, that boy's.
S: Anybody besides that boy?
BW: Yeah
S: Who?
BW: Seen another willie
S: ______willie
BW: Yeah (inaudible)
S: What about are girls and boys the same or different?
BW: The same
S: The same. Okay. Alright. Has anybody wanted you to touch their willie?
BW: Yeah
S: Who?
BW: The boys (inaudible) willies.
S: Have you ever seen other people touching willie?
BW: Uh, no
S: Okay. Okay. So tell me who all lives at your house? We don't to talk about the bodies no more. Who lives at your house?
BW: Uh, I have half the bed
S: You have half a bed?
BW: Yeah
S: Okay. That's good. What else is at your house?
BW: Uh, toys
S: Toys?
BW: Yeah.
The rest of the interview talks about who lives at his house and she also asks him where he stayed last night and where his daddy is. He answers, "granny's" and "daddy's at work".
This interview was simply said to have 'no disclosure'.

Amy Morton's affidavit

AMY H. MORTON, who, after being duly sworn, deposes and states on oath the following.

At the request of defense counsel for Bradley Wade, Linda S. Sheffield, I have reviewed the following materials related to the above-referenced matter and have evaluated the appropriateness of the interview techniques used by the investigators. In addition, I have considered whether the behavior and demeanor of JH and AW, as portrayed in the material reviewed, is consistent or inconsistent with typical behavior and demeanor of victims of sexual abuse or witness to sexual abuse.

1) 04/18/2006 Videotaped Forensic Interview of JH by Stacy Long

2) "Supplemental Report #0606," Transcript of the 04/18/2006 Forensic Interview of JH by Stacy Long.

3) 04/18/2006 Videotaped Forensic Interview of AW by Stacy Long

4) 05/31/2006 "Forensic Interview Report" Regarding the 04/18/2006 Forensic Interview of JH by Stacy Long

5) 04/30/2007 Fax Cover Sheet from Levitt & Levitt to Dr. Eric S. Engum Regarding the "Forensic Interview Report"

6) 05/17/2006 Dekalb County Alabama Uniform Incident/Offense Report filed by Rhona Wade alleging, "Threats Made"

7) 05/14-05/17/2007 Trial Transcript of State of Georgia vs Bradley T. Wade

8) 10/18/2006 "Volume II" of Deposition of Rhona K. Wade

9) 04/27/2007 Deposition of JH

10) Calendars, Defense Exhibit # 14

11) Photograph, State's Exhibit # 4

12) Photographs of House, Defense Exhibits # 1-8

13) "My Seizure Diary," Defense Exhibit # 9

14) Information Regarding Keppra, Defense Exhibit # 10

15) Email Correspondence Between Bradley Wade and Angie Elia, Defense Exhibit #11

16) Mental Health Records of Angela Brooke Wade, Including Psychological Evaluation, at The Relationship Therapy Center

17) Mental Health Records of AW, Including Psychological Evaluation, from The Relationship Therapy Center

18) Mental Health Records of AW from the LMJC Children's Advocacy Center

19) Medical Record Release Authorization for JH and One Sheet of Medical Notes for Dates of Service, 01/26/2004, 01/10/2005 and 01/11/2005, Defense Exhibit # 12 & #13

20) 03/2005 Essay, " Commendable Husbands" by Rhona Wade

21) Investigative Summary and Case Notes for Case #0604 4408 by Jennifer L. Cooley

Based upon my review of these records, it is my opinion that the interview methods used with the children in this case did not follow standard and accepted protocols and were inappropriately leading and suggestive. There is substantial risk that the statements of both JH and AW could have been corrupted by the investigative process utilized in this case. The entire architecture of the interviews and the investigative process was tainted by confirmatory bias on the part of the investigators and the forensic interviewer. This bias opened the door for inappropriate techniques that included multiple interviews over time, many leading and suggestive questions and an overwhelming failure on the part of the interviewers to attempt to rule out coaching or third party influence from peers, family, counselors or others familiar with the allegations. Further, this bias led investigators to ignore or explain away inconsistent, contradictory and improbable elements in the allegations and to focus only on the facts that tended to support their theory of the case.

Further, potentially exculpatory evidence related to the forensic interviews was not available for my review, not in the defense file and not presented to the jury at trial. For example, multiple videotaped interviews of children who could or should have been present during the alleged abuse were not included in the file. This evidence included a videotape and related " Forensic Interview Report" of AW on 04/21/2006 that reportedly contradicted statements in an interview more than one year later.

In addition, after reviewing the above records, I find that the behavior and demeanor of both AW, who testified to witnessing abuse, and JH, who testified that he was abused, was in many ways inconsistent with what would be typically expected from children who has such experiences.

In 2002, Bradley Wade and Rhona Wade were married. Brad had been married previously, and fathered two children, AW and Brooke Wade. Brad and Rhona had twins. BW and PW. JH, the younger brother of Rhona Wade, was good friends with AW, Brad's son through the previous marriage. Until December of 2005, JH was frequent visitor in the home of Bradley and Rhona Wade. According to JH, sometime before Christmas of 2005, his mother Kathleen, asked him "out of nowhere" whether Brad Wade was "doing anything" to him. JH denied that Brad was doing anything to him, but Kathleen continued to question him about it, asking him about it on "about four occasions." Around Christmas of 2005 Kathleen Williams (JH's Mother) stopped contact between her son-in-law, Brad Wade and her son, JH. JH said that contact stopped, "Because my mom thought-had a feeling then that something was up.." On April 16, 2006, JH expressed to his brother, Eric Casey, that he wished that Brad was not a part of the family. As Eric questioned him, JH made the first allegation of sexual abuse against Brad Wade, accusing him of a SINGLE incident in the upstairs bedroom of Brad and Rhona's home. Eric questioned JH again the next morning, April 17th. On that same day, Kathleen Williams contacted law enforcement, and Jennifer Cooley also questioned JH, though, Det. Cooley failed to objectively document that interview. Her report omitted critical detail including what questions she asked, where the interview took place and who was present. On April 18th, JH was again interviewed, this time by Stacy Long, forensic interviewer with the LMJC Children's Advocacy Center. During this interview, JH made allegations regarding incidents in Alabama and, perhaps, Georgia (in a car on the interstate). In addition to interviewing JH, on April 21, 2006, Ms. Long interviewed AW, a supposed eyewitness to some of the alleged events. The videotape of that interview was not available for my review, but Ms. Long testified that AW "did not disclose" in that interview. On April 25th 2006, Ms. Long interviewed Brooke Wade, PW, And BW. According to Ms. Long's testimony, these interviews were videotaped, but those recording were not available for my review. According to Ms. Long's testimony, neither child "disclosed." Then, a year later, on April 18, 2007, Ms. Long re-interviewed AW who then alleged witnessing a portion of the abuse alleged by JH. Finally, on April 27, 2007, JH was deposed by Brad Wade's divorce lawyer, Sherry Dobbins. At the trial of this of this case on May 14-17, 2007, despite the fact the Dr. Eric Engum had reviewed the forensic interviews, the defense offered no expert witness to address either the appropriateness of the forensic interview techniques used or whether the behavior and demeanor of JH and AW was typical of children who had witnessed or experienced sexual abuse. On May 17, 2007, Brad Wade was convicted of child molestation and sexual battery.

Critical evidence was absent fro the trial file. Based on my review, evidence critical to a fully formed expert analysis of the forensic interviewing techniques is absent from the trial file. Defense should have obtained, and an expert should have reviewed:
- The videotape and Forensic Interview Reports of the forensic interview with AW conducted on April 21, 2006.
-The videotapes and the Forensic Interview Reports of the forensic interviews with Brooke Wade, PW and BW.
-The Forensic Interview Report for the April 18, 2006 Forensic Interview of AW.
-The counseling records of JH
-The school records of JH
-The medical records of JH
In his handwritten notes regarding the April 18, 2007 interview of AW, in reference to the previous interview, Dr. Engum writes, "Prior interview(Where is it?). Is it exculpatory?" Clearly, he recognized that this was a potential issue, yet there is nothing in the record to indicate that he was ever provided with this tape. All of the interviews and the therapy notes should have been provided to this expert. The interview was also not presented by the defense at trial. In fact, this video is not in the defense file at all. Based on Ms. Long's testimony at trial, it appears likely that AW's statements in this interview contradicted his statements in the interview nearly one year later and AW's testimony at trial. The expert should have been provided with this tape so that he could evaluate the change in the child's statement in context and comment on the interviewer's technique and issues such as the impact of multiple interviews (both forensic and clinical in therapy) over time and the impact of family/peer pressure. Likewise, the expert should have evaluated the interviews of the other children, Brooke, PW and BW. Since they could have been in the home when the alleged incidents occurred, the absence of them witnessing anything could be significant, and their statements to the interviewer might or might not have contradicted other testimony.

Similarly, the school records, mental health records and medical records of JH should have been obtained and at least submitted to the court for and in camera review. Such records may be exculpatory because they may, for example, include documentation of a child making contradictory statements to a teacher, counselor or doctor regarding the allegations. Such records may also provide information regarding the child's behavior and demeanor and impacts an expert's opinion with regard to whether the child's behavior and demeanor is consistent or inconsistent with that of a victim or witness of sexual abuse.
In order to fully and appropriately evaluate the interview techniques in a given case, the expert must examine evidence of each and every interview that was conducted with children who were alleged victims of or witnesses to the incidents alleged in the indictment. Additionally, beginning with the first outcry, the expert must construct a disclosure timeline that includes, as fully as possible, each and every conversation the child had regarding the allegations from first outcry to the present. This did not occur in this case. Based on the record available, Dr. Engim, at the request of defense counsel, did review the April 18, 2007 videotaped interview with AW, the April 18, 2006 interview of JH and the May 31, 2006 Forensic Interview Report regarding the JH interview. The defense arrorney's purpose in asking Dr. Engum to review these interviews is not clear. Dr. Engum is psychologist specializing in neuropsychology. His curriculum vitae is not included in the file, so his qualifications for evaluating forensic interviewing techniques are not apparent. Regardless, his six pages of handwritten notes regarding the two interviews he did review are extremely difficult to read, but throughout he does draw attention to several problem areas in each interview, making reference specifically to the missing tape, the leading questions and the pressure that was placed on AW through the prayer prior to his second interview. Forensic interviewing is a highly specialized skill, and, improperly done, the interviewer can influence the child's statements. Nevertheless, Dr. Engum did not testify at trial.

Before examining the specific interview techniques used in this case, it is important to briefly review the scientific basis for the existing protocols for forensic interviewing. Because of the potential for those who question children to influence the child's statements or their actual memories of personally salient events, testimony regarding appropriate investigative interview techniques with children is admissible in Georgia courts. Experts, attorneys and others involved in the legal system frequently and errantly assume that suggestibility is only a potential problem in investigative interviews with the youngest children. In fact, the most current research indicates that age is but one factor impacting suggestibility and that older children, teens, and even adults can be vulnerable to post-event suggestion. Additionally, formal protocols for forensic interviewing, including those developed by the National Child Advocacy Center in Huntsville, Alabama, address the particular developmental challenges when interviewing older children and adolescents and indicate what techniques are appropriate and which should be used and which should be avoided.
The next several paragraphs talk about protocol in interviewing children. Pointing out key techniques that should be followed, that were not. It cites several different case laws and such.

I evaluated the forensic interview of JH. When interviewing JH, forensic interviewer, Stacy Long, made multiple critical errors. In addition, through his responses, JH revealed that he is easily influenced to agree with the suggestive and leading questions of the interviewer.

I will continue with Amy Morton's affidavit on my next blog. Starting with her pointing out exactly where Stacy Long went wrong.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Now for the investigators role

The investigator on our case was a girl named Jennifer Cooley. She was just like the rest of them. She heard lots of information that supported my brother's innocence, but she chose to go along with keeping it out of Brad's trial.

These are some interviews she did with Carolyn Drew, AW' mother. These interviews were done 4 days after the Stacy Long interview was done with AW. This is Carolyn talking to Jennifer Cooley. Now remember, Carolyn is my brother's ex-wife. She told three different people before this, that she was not getting involved and her kids were staying out of this as well. The Brad she knew would never do anything like this and she was staying out of it.

Suddenly, she changed her mind. Her and Rhona, my brother's wife at the time, now ex, despised each other while Brad and Rhona were married. But they suddenly go close and banded together. My opinion is that Dade Co. had something to do with their new found friendship.

So here is what she told Jennifer Cooley 4 days after AW's first interview. The jury never saw this interview.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY, spoke with CAROLYN DREW (AW's mother) on 5/22/2006. She stated that she had visited her sister-n-law TRACY EZERNACK about a month before the allegations were reported on BRAD WADE. TRACY had followed her back from Indiana with AW and BW(Brad's oldest daughter) riding with her. CAROLYN stated that TRACY was the "cool aunt" and that the children would tend to open up to her.

After TRACY found out about the charges on BRAD, she told CAROLYN about an incident where out of the blue, while they were traveling AW started talking about how JH knows alot about sex and has exposed his penis to AW thinking that it was funny. AW also stated that JH knows a lot about phone sex.

TRACY became concerned and BW was also in the vehicle and was uncomfortable. After seeing their reactions, AW quit talking about it. BRAD had asked if AW had said anything about JH 'messing' with him.

CAROLYN DREW also stated that she had waked into the bathroom when AW was eight years old and saw him masturbating.

Then there is 10 pages of Ms. Cooley's interview's that are missing. So this next part starts later.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY, spoke with CAROLYN DREW on 12/14/2006. DREW came to the Sheriff's Office to sign a release forms for BW and AW's visits to Dr. Hilner, a child psychologist. DREW stated that HILNER has made the statement that there are numerous signs indicating that AW was either abused or witnessed abuse.

DREW stated that several things had occurred in the past few months. DREW'S younger daughter, age 8 had disclosed to her grandmother, LINDA DREW on about the weekend before Thanksgiving 2006, that AW tickles her and one time while tickling her, he was sitting on top of her and ran his hands over her nipples and made a comment that made her feel uncomfortable. AW has tickled her in the past to the point where she wt her pants.

DREW and DR. HILNER asked AW about the incident during one of their sessions and AW admitted to running his hands over (the little girl) nipples, saying that it was 'no different that what everyone elso in the house does.

DREW also stated that AW will rub her butt while commenting "Ooh Momma" and will also grab her and BW's buttocks with both hands commenting on their butts. AW has also grabbed BW"s breasts.

DREW stated that in the past, BRAD WADE had not spent a great deal of time with AW until shortly after Christmas 2005. this continued until around April 2006 when DREW started keeping AW with her during the school week because of problems at school. She stated that BRAD WADE had asked for AW to spend more time with him. DREW also stated that AW appeared to be more upset about seeing less of JH than not seeing his father as much.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY spoke with LYNDA L DREW on 1/2/2007. DREW stated that in December 2006, her granddaughter(the little girl) had been wrestling with AW. They had gotten into trouble. Shortly after, (the little girl) went to stay with her grandmother LYNDA DREW. DREW was discussing with(the little girl) how she almost wasn't able to come stay with her because she had been in trouble. The little girl told LYNDA that she should not have gotten into trouble. AW had told her not to tell or he would hurt her. DREW asked the little girl why AW had told her not to tell and the little girl whispered in DREW'S ear. The little girl stated that AW had run his hands across her nipples and made a comment to the effect of "I bet those things feel real".

On 3/12/2007 INVESTIGATOR COOLEY was contacted by CAROLYN DREW in reference to an incident that had occurred involving AW. DREW stated that she had spoken with her sister-n-law, TIFFANY COBB, on 3/11/2007 and was told that AW had exposed her thirteen year old son, (ZC) to pornography on the Internet and that he had masturbated in front of ZC. AW tried to get ZC to masturbate and AW rubbed his penis against a wet dog.

CAROLYN DREW also recalled AW asking her on several occasions starting in 2006 to look at his penis because it hurt. CAROLYN stated that AW would show her his penis and that it was red and inflamed on 3-4 different occasions. DREW stated that on one occasion it was very inflamed and swollen and she talked to AW about going to the doctor but he was adamant about not going. DREW stated that the redness would go away after a few days.

CAROLYN DREW also stated that AW seemed ready to talk about what had occurred between his father BRAD WADE and JH, and himself. A forensic interview was set up for 4/18/2007.

On April 12, 2007, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY spoke with TIFFANY COBB. COBB stated that during spring break AW had stayed at their house. Shortly after, the COBB's checked the history on their computer and round that visits had been made to a number of pornographic websites. The COBBS confronted their son ZC who told them that AW had showed the porn to him.

ZC stated that approximately a year ago, AW had showed him pornographic websites at AW house on AW's laptop on a couple of occasions.

COBB stated the ZC had told her about AW openly masturbating in front of him as they were watching television or playing PS2, talking about girls, etc. while they were in the living room. ZC stated that AW would start playing with his penis every time. ZC stated that this occurred "a lot" and "anytime they were together". On one occasion, AW asked ZC to pull out his own penis and play with it.

On another occasion shortly after BRAD WADE was charged with Child Molestation, AW and ZC were in the shower washing ZC's dog. AW was naked and ZC was wearing shorts. ZC stated that AW was rubbing his penis on the dog which was soaped up and commented that it "feels good".

Now, these were some of the interviews done by Jennifer Cooley, our lead detective in Brad's case. She knew all of this stuff about JH and AW. They kept these interviews out of court. There was also a interview done with Carolyn Drew that stated AW would lie to please others. This was determined by Dr. Hilner. Dr. Hilner was the doctor that Carolyn made AW go see 'to bring out the truth' about his dad. And after a year of this therapy and constant pounding at AW he finally decided that he had heard his dad say something about telling JH to masturbate in the car. Although, the testimony at trial from JH stated that NO ONE was in the car when Brad would tell him this. But AW testified that he was in the car. Next, I am gonna post what Brad's defense would have been and the expert testimony of Amy H. Morton.

Also, during Brad's trial, his wife at the time, Rhona Wade testified to this. Now she did not tell this to the detectives they went to first in Alabama. She stated that those detectives did not "keep in touch with her like Mrs. Cooley did", so she did not tell them this. She testified to this during the depositions that were done by Sherry Dobbins and at trial. Although, the exact location of where it took place changed from the couch in depositions to the bed during the trial. She stated that she got up in the middle of the night about a year prior to the allegations, and came downstairs to find Brad naked, kneeling beside JH on the couch(then the bed) rubbing his back. Mr. Levitt asked her why she did not take a ball bat or frying pan and knock him in the head? Or at least SAY something to him or someone else and she stated that she loved Brad and just didn't say anything. But she continued to have her brother at their house 3 and 4 days per week after she supposedly witnessed this. Now I ask you, especially you mothers out there, WOULD YOU HAVE DONE THIS???? Would you have let this go on if you thought for one second your younger brother was being molested? The answer is NO! No person in their right mind would have let this go on if this were true. But she testified to it and the jury believed it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More of Stacy Long interview with AW

This next part gets pretty descriptive and has some point blank answers and questions. I am going to apologize in advance if anyone is offended. This is word for word from Stacy Long's interview with Brad's oldest son. The first one.

S: You don't know? Do you get to hang out with her more or....

A: Uh, yeah. I get to go out with her ______my mom_____invite them over

S: Okay.

A: Like ________

S: So you talk to girlfriends on the phone and that's kinda the difference, right. Uh, what about have you ever held hands with a girl?

A: Yeah.

S: You have? Do you _____

A: No. I didn't know what I was doing.

S: Do what?

A: She, she was downstairs and _______

S: Oh, an older woman huh.

A: Yeah.

S: (laughs) Alright. So you know ________. Alright. Ever hugged a girl?

A: No.

S: What about, you ever kissed a girl?

A: (inaudible)

S: Anything else ever happen?

A: No.

S: Tell me if it has, it's okay. You don't have to worry about that. I'm not like putting you on trial or anything here. I'm just______

A: I will.

S: What do you know about stuff like that?

A: About what, stuff like what?

S: You know, boys and girls, hold hands and kissing and anything more.

A: _________

S: Is there anything more to that?

A: Yes.

S: What?

A: A long term relationship

S: What's that mean?

A: It's where you're uh, like my mom and step-dad, and my dad and Rhona and they show affection to each other.

S: Okay. So how do they show affection?

A: Well, I don't know, they just, that's hard.

S: Okay. Uh, and I'm not trying to put you on the spot, I'm just trying to find out what you know okay? And that's how I have to do that is by asking questions. I can't say you know about this and then you say yes or no, okay? I need you to talk to me more than me giving you the answers. You know what I mean?

A: Yes.

S: That makes sense to you? Uh, like I said, I've heard lots of things, okay and I've heard a lot of things described in some major detail, okay. It don't bother me. I've been trained, I've been doing it for a long time so you don't, I don't want you to feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, okay? I ______for me to say that yes you actually do know, okay? I understand that. So, long term relationships people show love and affection, okay. What, what else happens between people in their long term relationships?

A: They have children

S: How do you get kids?

A: They have sex.

S: Okay. What do you know a out sex? How do you know about sex?

A: I don't know, I just....I don't know.

S: Okay. Did somebody sit you down and have a talk with you? Did you learn about it in health class at school or

A: Yeah, we had it in health classes at school.

S: Okay. What did they teach you?

A: I don't know. They showed a video. It was about personal hygiene and stuff

S: Okay. Alright, so about personal hygiene that's not sex.

A: Well I know, but I mean it's , it's like that is like whatever you want to call that class, I don't know. They just showed________

S: Okay. Fine. Uh, so do you know how people have sex?

A: Yeah

S: Can you tell me?

A: Yeah.

S: Okay.

A: They, they, it's hard to explain.

S: I think it's, I know it's hard. Try the best you can. And remember, don't be embarrassed, okay? It's not gonna bother me. Just try, just_____that you do know, okay? Cause you're at a weird age, as far a knowing.

A: Yeah. I don't know, it's hard to explain.

S: Okay. What parts do________

A: The_____parts.

S: Okay. Can you be a little bit more specific what the lower parts are?

A: A dick and a pussy. (I'm sorry to put this, but it's what it says)

S: Okay. How do you, who told you those words? How do you know what those words are?

A: I _______at school.

S: Okay. Yeah____. Alright and there's different types of sex. Do you know that?

A: Yeah. Like oral sex and

S: What is that?

A: I don't remember. There's phone sex.

S: Phone sex?

A: I've heard of that.

S: Okay.

A: And that's all I know.

S: You've not heard any other kind? How'd you hear about oral sex?

A: I don't know. This kid at school was talking about it.

S: Okay. Did he say what it was or how it happens or....

A: No

S: What parts are used? Okay. And_______do you know what that is?

A: I guess I was watching one time and I was______they started dressing up and then this girl______dress up as Robin Hood or something like that and then______

S: She was dressed up like Robin Hood?

A: (inaudible)

S: That's funny. Alright. Uh, what about uh phone sex, are you in to that? If people are by themselves is there anything they can do that's sexual just by themselves?

A: I don't know.

S: If they're alone? Uh, have you ever heard the word masturbate?

A: Yeah.

S: And what does that mean?

A: Sperm uh,_____

S: What?

A: I don't know I just_____

S: _______Okay. What about sperm? Do you know what that is?

A: Yeah, it's uh, it's uh, fluid inside this thing, it's like a fluid in your uh, and it comes up like when a girl she has the sad feeling what I'm talking about is uh before you go on your period then.

S: Okay

A: and then if you try to have kids then the sperm goes up and_____and the sperm and cell inside_________

S: Okay. You______get it,_______where does sperm come from?

A: In a little sack right here.

S: Okay. So how does it get out of the sack?

A: It comes through you privates.

S: Okay. Alright. Have you ever seen any of that?

A: (inaudible)

S: No? Okay. Uh, so masturbating you said sperm, how are those related? I mean

A: They're the same thing I think

S: Okay. No, not necessarily but I'm not her to give you a talk on all that stuff (laughs). Uh, you're , you're on the right page though, okay? I'm, I'm just not going to educate you on everything that's more for somebody else to do (laughs). Uh, what about people ever you know, sometimes people like will touch themselves, has anybody ever done that in front of you?

A: Oh, oh, yeah, I was done at Ann's house and he walked up and he goes (inaudible)


A: Yeah

S: Okay. Anybody else ever done that in front of you?

A: Uh uh.

S: Uh, and you said you've never seen the fluid, sperm, you've never seen that yourself. Okay. Uh, whatever I'm not asking to embarrass you, okay? Things happen, alright? Have you ever touched yourself? if you were up by yourself or

A: Well I got a shower and washed myself but that

S: Okay.

A: it's

S: Okay, but as far as just touching yourself to feel it, you know how it

A: (inaudible) I can wait til you know

S: Okay, Uh, and I'm not asking you to embarrass you okay? Cause that happens. People do that.______normal______. Uh, that's never happened?

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Uh, alright.

A: Uncle____told me said don't do it because then they're is people think that they can have pleasure whenever they want it.

S: Okay. Your uncle told you that?

A: Yes

S: And who's that?

A: Ken, my uncle Ken, he's uh my step-dad's sister's husband.

S: Okay. Step-dad, Travis's sister's husband?

A: Yes

S: Now I have to work that out in my head or I'll get confused. Alright. Uh, alright, so he told you not to do that cause that means what now? You'll get pleasure (inaudible)

A: You are sad or something like that and you get pleasure off____like that

S: Alright. Oh, alright, but any of that's never happened though, right? How do you know about touching yourselves and stuff I mean

A: People talk about it at school.

S: Okay Alright, What do they say about it?

A: I don't know, they just walk around, see a girl, _______

S: AW, I don't doubt that one bit. Uh, has anyone ever like explained to you how to do that or showed you how to do that like on themselves or

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Uh, has anyone ever wanted to try to touch you in any way, anybody at all in the whole entire world? Has anybody ever tried to touch you?

A: Uh uh

S: Has anybody ever wanted you to touch them?

A: No

S: Never?

A: Well_____told me to hit him so he could like go to the nurse or something like that and I said no I ain't hitting you.

S: Where at?

A: In his balls

S: No, I mean, well that was going to be my next question, but where were you at when he asked you to do that?

A: I walked into the hall and I walked into the bathroom to hit him

S: At school?

A: Yes.

S: Okay (laughs) so he wanted to go to the nurse you said?

A: Yes.

S: Okay. But did anybody else wanted you to touch them in any way?

A: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Has anyone ever themselves in front of you?
A: Well,_______
S: Besides that one person that you were telling me about
A: No, uh, there's a girl that she walks around and stuff and she'll like
S:_____herself? Okay? Anybody else?
A: (inaudible)
S: Alright. Have you ever seen other people touching each other or
A: Yeah.
S: engaged in any kind of stuff. Tell me about that.
A: All they touching each other during school walking through the hall
S: Okay but
A: Making out down the hall.
S: Alright. What does that mean? Making out?
A: Kissing and touching each other.
S: Okay. And where do they touch?
A: In their private parts.
S: In the hall?
A: Yeah
S: Okay.
A: Cause that's, this uh, (clears throat), there upstairs and you walk downstairs and there's like right here is like the door, the door here_______but when you come in ________the teachers don't know about it, well there's a door up here and_________but she's always______
S: Okay. Alright.
A: So stand right here_______.
S: Anybody else you ever seen that's not at school? Ever seen anybody having any type of sex, even on accident? Have you ever walked in and seen anything like that?
A: I walked in_______having sex with sister Michelle.
S: Okay. Alright.
A: I ain't gonna tell.
S: You've never seen anything inappropriate your entire life? Out of the way, anything that you thought that don't seem right but then you may have talked yourself out of that, the thoughts you were having, anything?
A: Uh, I don't know. These kids at school
S: Okay.
A: are just talking about it how they_____it.
S: Alright. I know when you were little, your mom and your dad, grandma, whoever, they were giving you a bath, so let's go back that far, alright. I have to give my little girl a bath and she's just two. Uh, I understand that and it's very peaceful. Since you were old enough, you know, to wash yourself and all that, have you always taken a bath alone?
A: Yes
S: Have you ever taken a bath or a shower or anything with anybody else?
A: Well, while I was little I used to take a shower with my daddy.
S: Okay I got a little....
A: I was about four then.
S: Okay. Any, any kind of, over age,_____
A: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, alright. have you ever seen anything on T.V., anything you know the word pornography?
A: No.
S: You ever heard that word?
A: Yes.
S: Okay. You ever seen any type of pornography, that's pictures of people without clothes on or engaged
A: ( inaudible)
S: in adult sexual things. Pictures that can be real from a camera, pictures in a magazine, pictures in a book, something on the computer, movies which can be VCR or DVD, on cable, satellite or whatever.
A: No. All I, all I did was have maybe a pop-up come up.
S: On the computer?
A: yeah
S: Okay. Where were you at when that happened?
A: I was _________working on the Internet and all of a sudden like_____
Let me say right here. Brad Wade did not own a computer. He never had one in his home. So AW was at his mom's home when this happened.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh, alright, got that part. Anything at all that you want to say or what to ask?
A: Well, is my dad, am I gonna see my dad today?
S: I doubt it. I don't know that for sure but just from, usually the way these kinds of things work it's not a quick turn around.
A: Well.
S: But I don't know you may need to ask uh, I don't know if anybody is the volunteer__but anyway uh, we talked to your mom a little bit earlier and uh, you know, asked her and she said that she had seven guys that your dad's been accused of molesting. You know, somebody, and I said well how did they react? How did you react when your mom told you?
This was a blatant LIE that Stacy told this child. His dad had only one accuser.
A: I was sad. I cried.
S: Okay.
A: Now I'm mad cause I didn't, I love him________to do that.
S: That's just it. Uh, you know we have to try to figure stuff out like that, we,_______but we do these things as a team.
A: Uh huh.
S: which is why I say we a lot of times, but the detectives and investigators, they have to figure out a lot of stuff and they talk to a bunch of people where I talk to just the kids, okay? Uh, you know I'm gonna try to keep this as limited as possible, but I talked to a person that accused your dad of this, okay, and that person had a lot of good information, okay? Uh, and were able to give me a lot of information, okay? Uh, I don't make the determination of you know whose telling the truth, that's for a judge to do, I don't do that okay? My point to you is uh you know whey would somebody accuse another person of this if it didn't happen?
A: Because they're mad or jealous of 'em.
S: Okay. Who's mad or jealous of your dad and why?
A: I don't know. I mean, he goes to work, I'm at school, and I get home from school and sometimes he comes by and picks my up and we go to the house.
S: Uh, let's leave all this______alright, uh, Mom says I just kinda, we try to get a little bit of history about kids, you know, we go to talk to them, just to kind of see what life is like for them, you know, today and life is often______you know. She said your grades kinda dropped about last year and just stuff happen, what about you getting in trouble at school?
A: Yes
S: Okay. What kind of trouble?
A: Uh, for fighting.
S: Okay. And that's never happened so much before?
A: No, I usually, I just walk away_______but
S: But what?
A: Hitting figurely
S: What does that_____
A: Uh, pushing him around and hitting him
S: Okay
A: In the arms and in the chest and butt
S: What about at home?_______going on?
A: Sometimes
S: Do you get aggravated or......
A: Yeah, I get mad at my little sister
S: Okay.
A: She always, she's_______I can do whatever I want to.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh mom says that you got mad sometimes at home, she didn't say why or any reasons but she made the comment and that you wanted to live with dad, that, she just kinda gets a little concerned the way she was talking you know. Okay, what you're doing, it's not about where you're at, it's just you, she wants you to be okay. Anything different change for you in the last year, year and a half, besides you getting fed up with people picking on you?
A: Oh,, I don't know. I'm not real sure about that.
S: Okay. Alright. Uh, AW, I don't know what's gonna happen, okay? And I'm not going to tell you that this will happen and it don't and then you're gonna say well that girl I talked to she, you know, lied or whatever. Uh, I don't know what's gonna happen. I don't know what's gonna come out of this. Nobody that's involved in this case is gonna be able to tell you that at this point. Okay? I know your world has been turned upside down. Okay. I don't know how it couldn't have been, alright? I know you love your dad. We don't want you not to love him
A: Okay
S: He's you dad. Alright? And just be patient, okay? I know that's hard to do cause I'm not the most patient person in the world. Just be patient and hang in there is the best advice I can give you right now, okay? Is there anything at all that you want to tell me right now?
A: No.
S: Are there any questions that you have?
A: Yeah
S: Okay.
A: How come I can't like talk to my dad or have my dad come over and all that?
S: I don't know that to be honest. I haven't been told, just where is your dad?
A: I don't even know
S: you don't know?
A: I haven't been able to talk to him.
S: Okay. I, I don't know that part cause I don't get a lot of the information on that end thing so like I said I just talk to the kids, okay? But we can try to find those answers for you, okay? Uh, is everything you told me today been the truth?
A: Yes ma'am
S: One hundred percent true? Not stretched just a little bit or anything?
A: No, no
S: Okay. Uh, I rally appreciate you talking to me. I know some things we've had to cover today are not the most popular topics to talk with when you meet somebody for the first time. Okay? I really appreciate you're talking to me though, okay? If there is anything at all that comes up that you think, you know I really want to sit down and ask her about this or talk to her about this because I forgot about it, or whatever, okay? Let your mom know and she can get in contact with the people that can get in contact with me or whatever. Okay? Anything at all that comes up, alright?
A: Yep
S: Anything else you can think of?
A: Nope
S: Okay. Hang tight for a minute and I'm gonna send, we're gonna switch places with you and________are really what we're gonna do, okay?
A: Where my mom is?
S: Uh, I really don't know. I'll have to go see. She's probably talking to Cynthia, do you know Cynthia_______
A: The cardinal?
S: Uh, I guess, uh yes. I think he son's name is Austin, is that okay?
A: Yeah
S: Do you, do you want your mom?
A: I want to see her.
S: You do? Okay. Hang on one second.
(Goes to find mother) (AW is singing, and banging on table, etc.)
This is the first interview with AW. There will be another one that occurred one year to the day later with a very different outcome. He was made to go to a Dr. Hilner who decided for him that his dad was a child molester. But next, I am gonna put on here some statements made by AW mother Carolyn Drew, to detective Jennifer Cooley. Jennifer Cooley was the detective in Brad's case. The statements are very powerful. I will post them next.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Actual interviews begin

Now, the first interview I am going to post is the first one of AW. Brad's oldest son. I think the first interview Stacy Long did was with JH, but I want to start with AW because had two interview that contradicted one another in a major way. So here goes and these interviews are lengthy so I will get as much on here as possible before I fall asleep on top of the laptop! Just a little joke. I'm funny! I will typing this word for word from the transcript.

This is Stacy Long and Brad's oldest son AW.

S: My name is Stacy. I'm from a place called the Children's Advocacy Center. (inaudible) And what I do there is I'm called an interviewer so what I do is I talk to kids, big kids, little kids, boys and girls, okay? Uh, and the reason why I talk to kids is just to get information from them and find out what they know. Okay? Uh, (inaudible) are very helpful a lot of times for uh investigation sometimes, just to get information, okay? Uh, so how I get information is I ask a lot of questions, okay? Uh, and uh, I'll do that, I'll ask you a ton of 'em okay? And sometimes I'll ask you questions to be able to know exactly what it is you are talking about if you are talking about something. Uh, so I'm not doing that to make it difficult on you or to try to you know test you out or anything. The reason why I do that is because kids can use like one word and if I talked to three different kids, three different uh definitions can be given to me for that one word, okay? So that's why I ask as many questions as I do. So those you think are just absolutely stupid and some of them you might think are silly or whatever, but I have to do that to make sure I completely understand what it is you are talking about okay?

A: Okay

S: You can ask me questions, you can tell me stuff that you want me to know, that you think I need to know. Whatever. Okay? Pretty much free in here, okay? My rule in here is that you can use any words at all when you are in here. Okay? If it helps you to be able to help me understand. Any words at all. Its not going to embarrass me or make me gall out of this chair, okay? Alright. I've heard a lot. I've heard a lot from three year old.

A: I have, too

S: (laughs) They can surprise you sometimes. Uh, we do videotape interviews ( loud speaker interfering with voice) just one time. I think it's in that clock to be honest but I'm not a hundred percent sure. I forget cause I go to different classes. But I think it may be in that clock somewhere. Somehow. If you can figure that out you're smarter than me. Oh, anyway, we do that so that you can just do this one time. You don't have to talk to a bunch of different people a bunch of different times. That's a good thing, right? It protects you and it protects me and sometimes it can be a substitute like in the future to instead of having to again talk to you over, alright? When I ask you questions today AW, all I need you to do is just be honest with me okay?

A: Okay.

S: I have talked to a lot of kids before, like hundreds. I've been in this about five years and I know that sometimes its hard to talk about the truth. I know sometimes you don't want to have to tell the truth. If we can stick to the truth we'll be doing a lot better off, okay?

A: Okay.

S: Uh, you're not in trouble. You don't get into trouble when you talk to me okay? We don't do that. Uh, just uh, shoot straight with me and we'll be doing good. Alright? Have any questions you want answered?

A: Uh, my mama said she asked and whenever I go to my grandma's to see my dad

S: I have no idea. Uh, that's something we can find out. That's another thing. You may ask me some questions that I have the answer to, I'll try to get it for you or find somebody that can get it for you, okay?

A: Okay.

S: I certainly don't know it all.

A: Okay.

S: Alright? So AW that's what you go by, right?

A: Yes.

S: And how old are you?

A: Twelve.

S: Twelve years old. Okay. So who do you live with?

A: It depends. I just go back and forth.

S: Okay. So

A: My mom has custody of me but (inaudible)

S: Okay. so who's at your mom's house?

A: My half sister, full sister and Travis and mom. ( Travis is step dad)

S: How old are your half and full sisters?

A: I think half sister is eight and full sister is fifteen.

S: What's your mom's name?

A: ( inaudible)

S: (inaudible) is that right?

A: Yes ma'am.

S: And who else besides your sisters and mom and then

A: Prince ( this is what they called the step dad for a long time. He was very mean to AW, not so much to his older sister, but Travis used to literally beat AW with a huge paddle) ( Just a little fyi)

S: And who is that?

A: My step-dad.

S: Alright. How is it at that house?

A: It's fine.

S: You like ( inaudible)

A: I like both places

S: So anything been going on with you that's worthy of mention? Everything going pretty good? Anything.....

A: Yeah, my life's fine.

S: Okay, Good. Anything going on that's not so great?

A: Uh huh. Well we had this situation but still

S: Okay. Other than that it's pretty good?

A: Yeah.

S: Alright. So tell me about this situation. What is this situation?

A: I don't know I think, well my mom told me the other day, somebody accused my dad or something.

S: Okay

A: That's all I know. She said that they said couldn't tell, she couldn't tell me who it was.

S: Okay. So how

A: Well I was just, I was just sad and then I got angry because I know he would never do that.

S: Okay. How you know he wouldn't do that?

A: Well I just, I just know my dad wouldn't (inaudible) he's never done anything (inaudible) he's always been good to me.

S: I have to take these notes AW cause if I don't I'll forget. Cause I interview lots of kids. And I get confused easily. And if I get confused or ______-be sure and correct me. Okay? Uh, but if this bothers you at any time you just tell me to stop and that won't hurt my feelings, okay?_______ Uh, alright so you know your dad wouldn't do that?
I am not sure why the underlines are in this transcript but they are. I am typing it just as it appears.

A: Uh huh

S: You've been around_________ Uh, and I hear what you're saying and I'm not saying, I mean I don't take a side, okay? I'm just here to see what people got to say, okay? But, sometimes it happens where people that you would never expect make really bad choices sometimes for whatever reasons. There are so many reasons out there that people make bad choices that it's not even funny. We could sit here for a week and talk about the reasons why they make bad choices, okay? Uh, so I mean I hear what you are saying and at the same time you know I have to look at it from that perspective, okay? Uh which I don't make the decision about what happens, that's not my job. My job is to get information. Okay? Uh, has your dad ever done anything that you questioned? Not necessarily to you, have you ever seen any behavior, have you ever heard him say anything? Uh, anything at all uh

A: Once he, whenever he gets mad you know he might say a cuss, a cuss word or something

S: Okay?

A: but that's usually it.

S: Alright. You said somebody accused your dad of molesting them. did you say

A: ________my mom said she couldn't tell me cause she didn't know.

S: Okay.

A: And that if she did know, she couldn't tell me much. She couldn't answer, and she said they said she couldn't answer any questions.

S: Yeah, a lot of times what happens is when the information is given so that uh, you know, find out as much as possible about a situation. I don't know what they told your mama, I don't know. Okay? Uh, like I said my job is to find out what you know if you know anything, okay? Uh what does, what does it mean molest? What does that word mean?

A: Touching in places you're not supposed to be? I don't know.

S: Okay. That's a good definition. Okay. Touching in places you're not supposed to be. Okay. Like what would those places be?

A: Your body parts.

S: Okay. Your ears?

A: No. I'm talking about my privates.

S: Okay. So do you have any other words you call your privates?

A: _________

S: Do you know who that was that he was accused of molesting?

A: No, my mom wouldn't _______she really didn't talk to me about it_______.

S: You haven't talked to him since you found this out? Would you normally have talked to him about it?

A: I, I, used to call him a lot and talk to him.

S: You call him, Does he ever call you?

A: Yeah. He calls quite a bit he usually calls when he's at work.

S: Alright.

A: ________

S: Where does he work?

A: Memorial Hospital. He works during the day and _______

S: Alright. Uh, have you ever seen anything, like I said, even remotely related to touching in that way.

A: Uh, nope.

S: Okay.

A: or he won't hit you or nothing unless I hit him you know playing around but uh he'll tell you to 'go on'.

S: Okay. Alright. Uh okay. How long has he been married to Rhona?

A: I think it's five or four years. I'm not sure. They were married in 2, 2001, 2000 and I'm not sure_________. I think it's been about four and a half years.

S: Okay. I'm impressed with you knowing time at twelve. I'm twenty nine and I get it _________
Okay. Uh, so they've been married four or five years. How long have your mom dad been divorced?

A: Uh, since I was, they got divorced in 95, uh, I think. I was two or three.

S: Okay. Alright. You've always had______

A: Yeah

S: with your dad since then.

A: Yeah.

S: Has he always lived in the same place?

A: Yes

S: Where does he live?
The next few lines deal with where Brad lived and the layout of the house.

S: Okay. So uh, I uh, I guess, is that bedroom upstairs your mom's, I mean your dad's or the on downstairs is who's?

A: The twins is ________-but I just sleep on the couch. I like the couch.

S: Okay. Have you always slept on the couch when you go and visit your dad?

A: Well there's a bunk-bed in the room so I _____bottom or top one sometimes, but I'll sleep on the bottom of the bed______

S: Okay. Have you ever slept anywhere else? Have you ever slept in dad's room?

A: Yeah, uh, when I was little I used to sleep with him.

S: Has you dad ever done anything or asked you to do anything that made you uncomfortable or that you felt inappropriate?

A: Uh uh.

S: Where do you think this is coming from?

A: I don't know. I have no clue.

S: Okay. Uh, your mom hasn't told you a whole lot about it and that's at the request for her not to and again she may not know much, I don't really know. Uh, and I'm not going to tell you any great detail about stuff either, okay. But what I am going to tell you is your dad had been accused of molesting a teenage guy. Those are your words, okay. Not many teenage guys are going to come out and accuse somebody of that. Okay? Just for the heck of doing it. Okay? why would anybody do that? HIS WORDS??? When exactly did he say this? It is not on the tape that AW said this at all.

A: I don't know.

S: Yeah, so that's kinda a big concern. Have you ever seen your, do you have any inkling, any feeling at all in your body as to who it might be?

A: Well, JH, I know it's not JH because_________Rhona was saying, cigarette burn______and my dad and him got into a big argument and _______JH______I hadn't really talked to him since.

S: Okay. So, JH hung up on him when your dad called?

A: Uh huh.

S: How do you know about it? Were you there or ___

A: Yeah.

S: Okay. You were at your dad's house or

A: At my mama's but I called, he called me and, I called him and he said have you______I said I don't know what but_________talking to JH or anything cause I'm mad at him.

S: Did he say why?

A: Yeah, he told me JH hung up on him.

S: Okay. Why did JH hang up on him?

A: I don't know that's just what_________

S: So you said you know it's not JH?

A: I mean I know it shouldn't be cause JH is not that way and my dad, I know he wouldn't do that to nobody, but uh, I don't know, the only person that would say that with my dad________

S: Okay. Uh, okay. Alright. Uh, has anybody ever done anything to you that was not okay or that they shouldn't have done?

A: At school these guys hit me but I hit them in the face.

S: Okay. Anybody else?

A: No

S: Okay. So you're twelve, you have a girlfriend or are you into that yet?

A: Uh huh. I just I don't need one now.

S: Don't need one? Why not?

A: Cause they take too much of my time.

S: (laughs) What do they do? How do they take up your time?

A: They want tot stay on the phone.

S: Oh, and you don't like talking on the phone?

A: Uh, it don't matter to me, I mean I got friends that I talk to them some, I'd rather be in the house watching T.V. or outside______or

S: Don't have time to talk to any girls on the phone huh? Alright, Uh, so no girlfriend, do you have, when was your last girlfriend?

A: That, she broke up with me and two weeks ago.

S: Oh. So_______-girlfriend.

A: Yeah.

S: Can I ask what happened?

A: Yeah.

S: Okay?

A: (inaudible)

S: Okay. Why did she break up with you?

A: Because I shaved my head.

S: I understand. So she broke up with you about two weeks ago.

A: Yeah.

S: Okay. So when you have a girlfriend, what is different about having a girlfriend as opposed to a friend that's a girl?

A: I don't know.

Gonna stop for now. This is one half of AW first interview with Stacy Long. Will post the rest in a bit. Got to go have some family time!! Take the little guy swimming for a while!!! Take care and I will be back soon!!!