Saturday, June 19, 2010

Interview with Brad's youngest son, he is 3 and1/2 years old during this interview

S: What is that?
BW: I don't know
S: You (inaudible)
BW: Mama??
S: Can we leave the door cracked?
BW: I'll be behind you ( inaudible)
BW: Mama!
S: She's gonna stay right here and I won't close th door. Okay?
BW: Mama. I want to go over there
Rhona: I know baby, but listen to me. This is uh like a school grown and Miss Stacy plays the teacher and we want you to (inaudible)
BW's mom was in the room during this entire interview. He would not have it any other way. He was not going to stay in the room without his mom.
BW: Mama!
S: Can I tell you something BW?
BW: (inaudible)
S: Your sister told me how smart you are, can you do that real fast?
BW: No.
S: Please tell me how smart you are. I'll bet you're just as smart as your sister
BW: (inaudible)
S: Here we'll leave the door open this time. Okay. I'll sit right here and (inaudible) okay? While she plays with sister can we come here and play with the barn? She'll be right here. You can see. Okay?
BW: No.
The next several lines are just her trying to win his trust and get him to talk to her. They talk about frogs and shoes and colors, etc. I'm going to start a little further into the inteview as to cut down on typing.
S: Are you a boy or girl?
BW: Boy
S: Of course. Well I got a picture of a boy.
BW: You got a picture of a boy?
S: Uh huh, and we're gonna do is we're gonna name his body parts. Okay?
BW: Oh
S: Okay?
BW: Oh
S: So I'll point to and ask you what it is and you tell me what part it is. What's this?
BW: A head.
S: Head.
BW: (inaudible)
S: What's that?
BW: A body.
S: A body, okay. What's this?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: What is that?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: What is this right here?
BW: Uh, (inaudible) his boobies.
S: Alright, What's this?
BW: Uh, a tummy.
S: A tummy. Now I'm going have to say them so I don't forget, okay? What's this?
BW: Uh a hand.
S: A hand. What part is this?
BW: Uh, a willy
S: A willy. Okay. What is this right here?
BW: A foot
S: A foot. What's this part right here?
BW: Uh, I don't ( inaudible)
S: The back?
BW: Yeah.
S: Okay. What is this right here?
BW: Uh, the butt
S: The butt. Do you have all this parts BW?
BW: No
S: You don't? Huh?
BW: (inaudible) I (inaudible)
S: You do (laughs) okay.
BW: That one.
S: Alright. But do have a butt?
BW: Uh, yeah.
S: So you have a back?
BW: Uh huh right behing there. (pointing to his back)
S: Yes. do you have a head?
BW: Uh, (inaudible)
S: That's it. What about lips? Do you have lips?
BW: Uh, right there.
S: Do you have boobies?
BW: Uh, yes.
S: Do you have a tummy?
BW: Yes.
S: Do you have hands?
BW: Uh huh
S: Do you have a willie?
BW: Yeah
S: Do you have a foot?
BW: Uh huh
S: Alright! So you got all these parts. And sometimes people touch us on our parts don't they?
BW: Yeah
S: Yeah. What about on your hand. Do you ever get something on you hand?
BW: Uh, no
S: You don't? Has anybody helped you wash your hair when you take a bath?
BW: Yeah.
S: Who does that?
BW: Uh, daddy.
S: Daddy does?
BW: Yeah
S: Has anyone else ever helped you wash your hair?
BW: Yes
S: Who? Who elso washes you hair?
BW: Uh, daddy
S: Okay
BW: (inaudible) but mama
S: But mama what?
BW: (inaudible) last night
S: Did mama wash your hair last night?
BW: Yeah
S: Okay.
BW: I can wash my (inaudible)
S: Okay
BW: (inaudible) but she said no and I said yes.
S: Okay (laughs) What about your lips? Do you ever get touched on your lips?
BW: Uh huh
S: Who touches your lips?
BW: Uh, a boy
S: What boy?
BW: The boy who
S: What do they do to your lips?
BW: Uh, uh, they, they touched my lips.
S: With what? What did they touch your lips with?
BW: It was here (pointed to his lips)
S: Okay. What about the boobies? You ever been touched on your boobies?
S: Hey BW have you ever seen anybody else's privates?
BW: Yeah
S: What is a private?
BW: Uh, boy's
S: Boy's what?
BW: We have to color that ( looking at coloring book)
S: Can you tell me where the private is ?
BW: Yeah
S: Point to that boy's private
BW: Why don't we lay him down.
S: Okay. Have you ever seen anybody's else's willie?
BW: Yeah
S: You have? Who's?
BW: Uh, the boys
S: What boys?
BW: The boys that
S: What boys?
S: Just boys?
BW: Yeah
S: Have you ever seen anybody's else's willie?
BW: Uh, that boy's.
S: Anybody besides that boy?
BW: Yeah
S: Who?
BW: Seen another willie
S: ______willie
BW: Yeah (inaudible)
S: What about are girls and boys the same or different?
BW: The same
S: The same. Okay. Alright. Has anybody wanted you to touch their willie?
BW: Yeah
S: Who?
BW: The boys (inaudible) willies.
S: Have you ever seen other people touching willie?
BW: Uh, no
S: Okay. Okay. So tell me who all lives at your house? We don't to talk about the bodies no more. Who lives at your house?
BW: Uh, I have half the bed
S: You have half a bed?
BW: Yeah
S: Okay. That's good. What else is at your house?
BW: Uh, toys
S: Toys?
BW: Yeah.
The rest of the interview talks about who lives at his house and she also asks him where he stayed last night and where his daddy is. He answers, "granny's" and "daddy's at work".
This interview was simply said to have 'no disclosure'.


  1. This Look's like some more of the same. What is wrong with these People in these County's.

  2. Goodness, I'd say a 3YO got the better of this person. She really tried hard to trip him up and make him tell her all about the supposed abuse but he stuck to his story. Any good interviewer would have pounced on the boys stuff and taken it further but she wasn't after that. It's so obvious. These people are sick! Imagine putting such a small child through a thing like they did.