Thursday, June 24, 2010

Read the post titled Amy Morton's affidavit

I'm not sure why my last post does not come up first when I pull this page up, but, please read the post titled Amy Morton's affidavit. I am going to continue to post this until I get it all on here. She was our expert witness from the motion hearing. But please start there.

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  1. Angie,

    Here's another idea for you. If you insert the code "<"!--more--">" into your blog post a few lines down, it will make the appearance of your blog much easier to navigate. The lines above the text will show and there will be a hotlink at the bottom of the visible part of the post. When people click on it, then the whole post becomes visible. This would be very helpful, given your long deposition posts.

    To use the code, remove all of the quotation marks and put it on a line by itself a few lines into your post. I had to put the quotation marks in the text to keep blogger from reading it as code in this comment.