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This is the interview with Brad's oldest child, his daughter

This is the interview with Brad's oldest child. She is now 19 years old and married. She was against her dad after Dade Co. got involved. Since the trial she has changed her mind several times. She went and gave a taped interview with our Attorney in Atl. Then a few months later she wouldn't speak to us again. So we really don't know what she thinks at this moment.
This is her interview with Stacy Long.
S: Okay. So you're Angela Brooke Wade?
B: Yeah
S: And you're 15?
B: Uh huh
S: You go by Brooke, right?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. My name is Stacy and my job is to talk to kids. Big kids, little kids, boy and girls. It's what I do, okay? And_______kids talk to me so I can get information from them, find out what they know. Okay? I know two days ago it all came to whatever and uh what we'll do is just talk a little bit, okay? Brooke you can ask me questions, you can tell me things that you want me to know, that you just want to say, whatever. Okay? When we're in here you can talk to me about anything at all, okay? I don't promise you I have answers to your questions but I'll do my best to get it for you, okay? Uh, all I need you to do is just be honest with me, okay? No matter what the truth is, you just be honest with me and we're gonna be doing a lot better off. Okay? Uh, that obviously the ______stuff, okay? Uh, I'll ask you a lot of questions today. Uh, what I have to do is that I have to clarify to make sure I understand exactly what it is your saying uh and it's because the nature of my job people can say something and it mean a lot different things to different people, okay? So I'm not trying to make things hard on you or anything like that. So I give everybody the same speech, it's the same speech I give everybody. Uh, just be honest with me, uh, use whatever words you want to use. It's not going to embarrass me, I'm not gonna say oh my gosh, I'm not to be doing that over here, okay? I've heard a lot of things. I've heard a lot of things from some very young kids, okay? Uh, so whatever words is fine in here, okay? I promise. Uh, you're not going to get in trouble, you're not getting other people in trouble, uh, if there's anything you need to tell me, okay, that you feel like that may be a question or just information, okay? Uh, it's being videotaped. That's for your protection and my protection and a lot of times it keeps you from having to talk to a lot of different people a lot of different times, okay? Uh, that's released to the_______ and it's part of our case file and other people can't just sit down and watch it just cause they want to, okay? It's a need to know type______. Uh, other than that it's all I can think of right now. Do you have any questions?______ Okay. I know you're well aware of the purpose you are here today. do you want to go right into that or do you want me to start out with some other stuff?
B: (inaudible)
S: Uh, I've already talked to your brother, AW and he's kinda given me the information on your household so I already know that so I don't have to get that from you. Uh, let's see you live in _______so you to school here.
B: Uh huh
S: How, how is school? Doing okay?
B: It's good.
S: God. Lots of friends?
B: Yeah. I guess.
S: So what grade does that make you?
B: Tenth.
S: Tenth. But your grades are good?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay._______I have a __________.__________I don't blame you for _________. Alright, are involved in lots of activities or
B: Ballet.
S: Ballet?
B: Uh huh
S: Do you take that here in ______
B: ( inaudible)
S: Oh, that's interesting. How long have you been doing it?
B: Nine years.
S: Wow. Are you involved in anything else?
B: (inaudible)
S: No? Okay.
B: I_____like every day, every Sunday.
S: Oh really?
B: Yes.
S: Okay. Well good. Now that you say that, I can picture that. You have, I don't know, have that tall.....okay so you're in ballet, alright. Tell me what, why you're come here today.
B: Because they sad that my dad molested or sexually I'm not for sure.
S: Okay.
B: Boys
S: (inaudible) and that's all you know about it?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. And you're mom told you that?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. What did you think when mom said that?
B: I don't know. I was shocked. Cause I don't think my dad would do____
S: Okay. Have you talked to your dad?
B: No
S: Uh,
B: I don't talk very much.
S: You don't talk very much?
B: Maybe once or twice a month.
S: Okay.
B: And I'll stay of a Saturday night and go home Sunday.
S: Okay.
B: Because of ballet.
S: Okay.
B: So I can't really go out there.
S: Do you like being up there or would you want to be at your mom's or
B: I'd want to be at my mom's.
S: Why?
B: Because, I don't know, it feels like home (inaudible)
S: Are you the center of attention at mom's or no?
B: Well I get more attention than what I do
S: Okay.
B: Cause of the twins and my brother
S: Okay. That's fine. You can tell me anything at all in this room, okay? Uh, how, how do you feel that you don't get the attention, I mean what happens? Okay, twins, I know their three is that right?
B: Yes.
S: Okay, I can, I can kinda just imagine
(Change sides of tape)
S: What it must be like. Uh, what about, what about your brother. How id that?
B: I don't know.
S: How does he absorb attention?
B: Just cause he, he's just really fights. He always does stuff to try to get attention.
S: Okay.
B: So he's like he's always trying to be like, you know, big and everything and try to , I don't know
S: How do you get along with your dad?
B: Okay.
S: Yall don't have like a strained relationship or anything?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay.
B: Fine
S: Could it be better?
B: Yeah.
S: How do you think it could be better?
B: I don't know, I just, I just don't really like being around him that much, I mean I love him and everything but I'd just rather not be around him
S: How come?
B: Cause, I don't know.
S: Uh, sometimes________it's just kinda hard to relate, you, I mean is that what it's like or is it, I mean is there more?
B: I just, I figure he got remarried and everything, it's just kinda gone for seven years____seem my dad or my brother and we got along fine, but then whenever he got remarried and they uh (inaudible) the twins and Rhona and us.
S: Okay. Yeah. So how do you like Rhona?
B: She's, I love her.
S: Okay. Good. That's good. Okay. Uh, so shock, then you don't think your dad could do something like this. Uh, most of the time that the situation with these kinda cases come up, you know, it's, you know, people just think, they think anything like that would happen to you know them or somebody that they knew or that you that person would be capable of doing that. Uh, but Brooke the reality of it is uh I interview lots and lots and lots of kids. Okay. And it happens. And I know you know what happens? Uh, it happens a lot and uh a lot of times when people do those type of things, uh, theres a different of situation that, that occurred. Okay? I'm not talking about the act that happened, I'm not talking about the actual molestation or whatever, uh, sometimes people make really, really bad choices that lead into it. Sometimes people make a really bad choice just to do the molestation or whatever it is, okay? Uh, so I mean the thing is that a lot of people think that and a lot of perpetrators think not beforehand that they never would have done something like that. I, I don't know that this happened. That's not my decision to make, okay? I get his information from the kids. Okay? And then there's, an investigation or whatever takes place from there, okay? Uh, but I do this part. Have you ever seen anything that you even remotely questioned and that you, you felt was a little inappropriate but then you thought well that's just me,_______are not that bad.
B: Uh uh
S: Never seen anything?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Has your dad ever approached you in any way that was inappropriate?
B: No
S: Okay. Have you ever heard him make comments directly or did you ever overhear anything that your dad said?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, you know what pornography is?
B: Yes
S: Have you ever seen any of that in his house or any form?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Uh, had anyone ever told you anything about your dad or said anything about it all?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Uh, what about have you ever seen, have you ever seen anything happen in his house that didn't even involve him? That was, you know,____any type?
B: Uh uh
S: inappropriate behavior. Okay. Uh, Alright, what about the bathroom with your dad, have you ever seem him, even on accident without any clothes on, uh, if he was just getting out of the shower or anything like that?
B: Like when I was living with him.
S: Okay. Uh, you remember that when you were little?
B: Uh huh
S: Okay. Uh, what about the other way around. Has he ever seen you without any clothes on or even on accident?
B I'm open, I've only, I've really open, ballet we change back stage and everything so I mean it's nothing for me to just walk through the house going to my bedroom to get some clothes or pajamas.
S: With nothing on?
B: Yeah.
S: And not covered?
B: Yeah.
S: Okay. Okay.
B: Like, you know, Uh, it could, (inaudible) I don't know, I'm sure he had but not, I wasn't like, (inaudible)
S: You were not like parading around?
B: Yes (laughs)
S: Uh, so if he had it's been on a situation where you ran
B: Yeah
S: quickly from the bathroom to your bedroom or
S: okay the bathroom to______
B: Yeah
S: Okay. Alright, any other situation even like that, any_______
B: NO.
S: Alright. Uh, you never heard any inappropriate comments. You've never seen anything with him or any other person that would have been inappropriate toward you, your brother, the twins, Rhona, in front of you, uh, nothing?
B: No
S: Okay. Do you have any suspicions of where this could have originated from?
B: I don't know. I mean I know that Rhona and her family and my dad are arguing. With JH, her brother, their like mad, I don't know if their mad, but their not talking.
S: Okay.
B: And I know like a couple of times my dad, like the boys (meaning JH and AW)had gone upstairs to take a bath and they went outside playing or something and he's be like oh_____cause you know how they just like______all this other stuff.
S: Okay.
B: So I mean some of that, but I don't think dad
S: Was your dad involved in that?
B: Yeah
S: Like mines big or
B: Yeah
S: that kind of stuff
B: I mean but he would go upstairs and the boys would be taking a shower and
S: When you say the boys who
B: JH and AW
S: Together?
B: Yes.
S: Alright, when would that happen? Recently? A couple of years ago?
B: I don't know, I mean like_____year
S: Okay.
B: They were like _______I guess.
S: _____________________
B: Yes.
S: Okay. But JH, is that right?
B: Uh huh.
S: And AW took a shower together?
B: Yes
S: Okay. Why did they take them together?
B: Cause they were______, I don't know. I mean I take showers with my friends if we're in a hurry or something.
S: Okay.
B: But I don't , they're family
S: Okay
B: I don't know. Cause, cause they wanted to.
S: Okay.
B: Cause they have to, I don't know.
S: Okay. Uh, have you ever seen anything between JH and AW that was inappropriate?
B: (inaudible)
S: Alright. Uh, so what do you think about all this?
B: I don't know. I don't know what to think because I can't
S: Well I told AW, I know that two days ago your world was turned upside down and its, if you probably had so many thoughts and emotions that you've already experienced and you may have even more different ones that you haven't experienced come up, okay? Uh, don't be afraid to reach out to someone if you need to talk okay? Uh, you know we don't make the, I don't make the decision you know. Yeah, this happened, or no this didn't happen. I don't do that. I get the information from the kids and I hand (laughs) it to somebody else to let them decide. Uh, and there is still a lot that will have to be done before that decision can ever be close to being made at this point. Okay? Uh, but again don't be afraid to reach out if you need to. Uh, this is not something that you're just gonna want to sit down with your friends and say hey guess what? I mean I can understand that. Uh, at the same time, you know, if there's somebody that you feel comfortable talking to uh go ahead. If there is any information that you feel like, yeah, and you know maybe it's something you didn't think of today while you're talking to me that comes up later, just let your mom know and she can call whoever and you know let them get that information from you. Okay? Cause it's possible that could happen. Uh, like I say you've kinda been in a whirlwind for the past two days and you know once everything comes to settle just a little then things like that can possibly come up for you. Uh, do you have any questions or anything you want to say?
B: (inaudible) ( she asked on the tape if she was gonna see her dad)
S: I don't know uh that. I don't get, I don't make those kind of decisions either. Uh, we can try to find that out. A lot of times, I'm just gonna tell like possibilities are a lot of times different and arrangements can be made, you know, for people to be in that contact when it's okay, uh, I don't know. That's something that we need to ask, I'll ask, I don't think it's_________twins but a similar questions about seeing somebody so we'll try to get that answered for you or get the ball rolling to get and answer for you, okay? Anything else you can think of? Is there anything you want to say? Is there anything Brooke that at the time you just missed it or you didn't really give it a whole lot of thought but now it's like you think that really means something, now that you've heard this. Is there anything that you are questioning?
B: Nothing I can thin of , uh, I wasn't really there much to see
S: Okay.
B: You know
S: That would make sense. Again, don't be afraid to reach out if you just need to talk to somebody and if you feel like you need like a counselor or a therapist or something like that, people are scared to death to ask for that cause there is such a stigma (laughs) attached. Everybody in the world could use somebody like that if the truth be known. Uh, but just don't be afraid to reach out and you know if you have a hard time dealing with it or whatever, sometimes , you know sometimes you need a mutual person that's not going to be on dad's side and it's not gonna be against dad or if you feel________mutual person that you can talk to about what you're feeling and what you're thinking, okay? Not somebody that you need answers from necessarily. Uh, but just_______okay? Anything else you can think of or you want to say or ask?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Let me go check real quick and make sure what I need to do with you guys if you need to stay in that office room or whatever. Okay? Alright. Just hang on for one second.
S: I just need to clarify something real quick for myself. You said JH and AW taking a shower together was your dad, was he there? Did he walk in on them or anything? I know________. Did he go get a shower with them like get in the shower?
B:(inaudible) she shrugs her shoulders and shakes her head
S: Did he go into the bathroom?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Was he in there for about how long or......like to pick up a towel and leave or was he in there longer than that or just about
B: I _________I don't know, I can't give a time
S: Okay.
B: Uh, was he in there the whole time?
S: Okay. Uh, how many times did you notice that JH and uh yeah, JH and AW took a shower together? More than once?
B: Yes
S: Okay, did your dad ever take a shower with them?
B: Uh uh
S: Okay. Did he go in the bathroom where they were taking a shower?
B: (inaudible)
S: You don't know?
B: (inaudible)
S: Okay. Anything else you can think of at all?
B: Not that I'm aware of.
S: Well______can think of too, what I'm gonna do is let you go back to this office where you guys were out and just hang out for a tew minutes and we'll find out if your mom is finished talking______okay?
B: Okay
S: Uh, Brooke I really appreciate it and just hang in there, okay? Alright.

B: I don't kno


  1. Well it Does not look like they got any thing out of her, Except that her Dad did not do anything. And That JH was mad at him. But of course Stacey was not Inrested in that. This is so sad, I wounder how these Kids Really feel.

  2. Okay, maybe Stacy Long needs to stop talking. I mean, most of this interview was long monologues from her, where it seemed she was trying to provoke a certain response, and almost single word responses from the girl. I've never heard of an interview being like this, except on television or in the movies. Is that where SL learned her technique? Keep going, Angie. You will get your brother out.