Friday, June 18, 2010

Now for the investigators role

The investigator on our case was a girl named Jennifer Cooley. She was just like the rest of them. She heard lots of information that supported my brother's innocence, but she chose to go along with keeping it out of Brad's trial.

These are some interviews she did with Carolyn Drew, AW' mother. These interviews were done 4 days after the Stacy Long interview was done with AW. This is Carolyn talking to Jennifer Cooley. Now remember, Carolyn is my brother's ex-wife. She told three different people before this, that she was not getting involved and her kids were staying out of this as well. The Brad she knew would never do anything like this and she was staying out of it.

Suddenly, she changed her mind. Her and Rhona, my brother's wife at the time, now ex, despised each other while Brad and Rhona were married. But they suddenly go close and banded together. My opinion is that Dade Co. had something to do with their new found friendship.

So here is what she told Jennifer Cooley 4 days after AW's first interview. The jury never saw this interview.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY, spoke with CAROLYN DREW (AW's mother) on 5/22/2006. She stated that she had visited her sister-n-law TRACY EZERNACK about a month before the allegations were reported on BRAD WADE. TRACY had followed her back from Indiana with AW and BW(Brad's oldest daughter) riding with her. CAROLYN stated that TRACY was the "cool aunt" and that the children would tend to open up to her.

After TRACY found out about the charges on BRAD, she told CAROLYN about an incident where out of the blue, while they were traveling AW started talking about how JH knows alot about sex and has exposed his penis to AW thinking that it was funny. AW also stated that JH knows a lot about phone sex.

TRACY became concerned and BW was also in the vehicle and was uncomfortable. After seeing their reactions, AW quit talking about it. BRAD had asked if AW had said anything about JH 'messing' with him.

CAROLYN DREW also stated that she had waked into the bathroom when AW was eight years old and saw him masturbating.

Then there is 10 pages of Ms. Cooley's interview's that are missing. So this next part starts later.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY, spoke with CAROLYN DREW on 12/14/2006. DREW came to the Sheriff's Office to sign a release forms for BW and AW's visits to Dr. Hilner, a child psychologist. DREW stated that HILNER has made the statement that there are numerous signs indicating that AW was either abused or witnessed abuse.

DREW stated that several things had occurred in the past few months. DREW'S younger daughter, age 8 had disclosed to her grandmother, LINDA DREW on about the weekend before Thanksgiving 2006, that AW tickles her and one time while tickling her, he was sitting on top of her and ran his hands over her nipples and made a comment that made her feel uncomfortable. AW has tickled her in the past to the point where she wt her pants.

DREW and DR. HILNER asked AW about the incident during one of their sessions and AW admitted to running his hands over (the little girl) nipples, saying that it was 'no different that what everyone elso in the house does.

DREW also stated that AW will rub her butt while commenting "Ooh Momma" and will also grab her and BW's buttocks with both hands commenting on their butts. AW has also grabbed BW"s breasts.

DREW stated that in the past, BRAD WADE had not spent a great deal of time with AW until shortly after Christmas 2005. this continued until around April 2006 when DREW started keeping AW with her during the school week because of problems at school. She stated that BRAD WADE had asked for AW to spend more time with him. DREW also stated that AW appeared to be more upset about seeing less of JH than not seeing his father as much.

I, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY spoke with LYNDA L DREW on 1/2/2007. DREW stated that in December 2006, her granddaughter(the little girl) had been wrestling with AW. They had gotten into trouble. Shortly after, (the little girl) went to stay with her grandmother LYNDA DREW. DREW was discussing with(the little girl) how she almost wasn't able to come stay with her because she had been in trouble. The little girl told LYNDA that she should not have gotten into trouble. AW had told her not to tell or he would hurt her. DREW asked the little girl why AW had told her not to tell and the little girl whispered in DREW'S ear. The little girl stated that AW had run his hands across her nipples and made a comment to the effect of "I bet those things feel real".

On 3/12/2007 INVESTIGATOR COOLEY was contacted by CAROLYN DREW in reference to an incident that had occurred involving AW. DREW stated that she had spoken with her sister-n-law, TIFFANY COBB, on 3/11/2007 and was told that AW had exposed her thirteen year old son, (ZC) to pornography on the Internet and that he had masturbated in front of ZC. AW tried to get ZC to masturbate and AW rubbed his penis against a wet dog.

CAROLYN DREW also recalled AW asking her on several occasions starting in 2006 to look at his penis because it hurt. CAROLYN stated that AW would show her his penis and that it was red and inflamed on 3-4 different occasions. DREW stated that on one occasion it was very inflamed and swollen and she talked to AW about going to the doctor but he was adamant about not going. DREW stated that the redness would go away after a few days.

CAROLYN DREW also stated that AW seemed ready to talk about what had occurred between his father BRAD WADE and JH, and himself. A forensic interview was set up for 4/18/2007.

On April 12, 2007, INVESTIGATOR COOLEY spoke with TIFFANY COBB. COBB stated that during spring break AW had stayed at their house. Shortly after, the COBB's checked the history on their computer and round that visits had been made to a number of pornographic websites. The COBBS confronted their son ZC who told them that AW had showed the porn to him.

ZC stated that approximately a year ago, AW had showed him pornographic websites at AW house on AW's laptop on a couple of occasions.

COBB stated the ZC had told her about AW openly masturbating in front of him as they were watching television or playing PS2, talking about girls, etc. while they were in the living room. ZC stated that AW would start playing with his penis every time. ZC stated that this occurred "a lot" and "anytime they were together". On one occasion, AW asked ZC to pull out his own penis and play with it.

On another occasion shortly after BRAD WADE was charged with Child Molestation, AW and ZC were in the shower washing ZC's dog. AW was naked and ZC was wearing shorts. ZC stated that AW was rubbing his penis on the dog which was soaped up and commented that it "feels good".

Now, these were some of the interviews done by Jennifer Cooley, our lead detective in Brad's case. She knew all of this stuff about JH and AW. They kept these interviews out of court. There was also a interview done with Carolyn Drew that stated AW would lie to please others. This was determined by Dr. Hilner. Dr. Hilner was the doctor that Carolyn made AW go see 'to bring out the truth' about his dad. And after a year of this therapy and constant pounding at AW he finally decided that he had heard his dad say something about telling JH to masturbate in the car. Although, the testimony at trial from JH stated that NO ONE was in the car when Brad would tell him this. But AW testified that he was in the car. Next, I am gonna post what Brad's defense would have been and the expert testimony of Amy H. Morton.

Also, during Brad's trial, his wife at the time, Rhona Wade testified to this. Now she did not tell this to the detectives they went to first in Alabama. She stated that those detectives did not "keep in touch with her like Mrs. Cooley did", so she did not tell them this. She testified to this during the depositions that were done by Sherry Dobbins and at trial. Although, the exact location of where it took place changed from the couch in depositions to the bed during the trial. She stated that she got up in the middle of the night about a year prior to the allegations, and came downstairs to find Brad naked, kneeling beside JH on the couch(then the bed) rubbing his back. Mr. Levitt asked her why she did not take a ball bat or frying pan and knock him in the head? Or at least SAY something to him or someone else and she stated that she loved Brad and just didn't say anything. But she continued to have her brother at their house 3 and 4 days per week after she supposedly witnessed this. Now I ask you, especially you mothers out there, WOULD YOU HAVE DONE THIS???? Would you have let this go on if you thought for one second your younger brother was being molested? The answer is NO! No person in their right mind would have let this go on if this were true. But she testified to it and the jury believed it.


  1. Angie, I have to agree with you. If I ever caught someone doing something like that in my house, the cops would have dragged him or her out the door right then. That is if I didn't chase him or her with a broom! Goodness, these people really think this will stand up. It's strange how all these folks supposedly saw all this stuff all along and never said a word. The days of strange uncle or aunt so and so never being allowed alone with kids are over. You just plain don't let those types near kids. As for the porn sites on the computers, believe me, kids can find those places easily and go often because they're forbidden. But a good internet protection package has parental locks that are isolated from the kid, so you can keep them from ever getting on the site. I know, 'cause I hear my teen grumbling all day long about the protections we put on his computer and he hasn't been able to 'hack' his way past my passwords yet.

  2. "Then there is 10 pages of Ms. Cooley's interview's that are missing. So this next part starts later. "

    Does that mean you can't find them, they won't share them or what?

    "They kept these interviews out of court."

    "They" means who? The judge would not allow them? The defense attorney did not have them? How did "they" keep them out?

    In some situations the defense attorney must ask questions in which the incorrect response would allow material introduced to impeach the witness in rebuttal later. I do not know if this material fits that description and, of course, LMJC has ever-changing-rules that seem to fit as they want.

  3. Thinking of your brother today, Angie, as I know this must be a particularly difficult day for him.

  4. The report is missing. We never saw it. They did not share these pages. Our atty. tried to get the rest of her report but was unsucessful. And when I say they kept the reports out of court, that is just what I mean. The DA never gave them to our Mr. Levitt. We never knew some of this stuff even existed until we hired the appeals atty. I don't know if Mr. Levitt knew about the report or not. When he was asked, he replied, "I don't recall".

  5. This is the most Horrible story, Can people really do this. I am wondering how the Mother of AW feels today Knowing she had her son to lie, And he is in Prison today on Father's Day.
    Knowing He is Innocent.How does she sleep at night. She has scarred her son for life. How Sad.

  6. First of all I would like for my name to be taken off of here I would much rather my initials be used. Second, I'm not saying that this is easier on anyone more so than the other because it has been hard on everyone involved, on both sides. You don't think I miss my father. You don't think that I wish he could have been at my graduation, or wedding. You don't think I want to see him at the Holiday's because I do. I love my family... EVERYONE! I have no idea if my dad is guilty or innocent and none of that matters to me. I just want a relationship with my father without having to worry about being judged for having contact with the twins, RL, AW or my mother. I don't want to have to defend anyone and I don't want to have to pick sides. I just want to be with my family. I just want to forgive, be forgiven and forget. Unfortunately I know this will probably never happen. I know I have said a lot of hurtful things to a lot of people, and for that I am sorry. I have done things that I regret but I can honestly say that I have never lied about anything pertaining to my dad's case. I love my dad with all my heart! And I miss him terribly. I miss everyone!