Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Birthday for my mom without my brother

Today, May 29, is my mom's birthday. It is the 3rd one she has had to spend without my brother. And to some of you that might sound kinda petty. But when you know for certain that your son should be with you and is not because of ppl who tell lies and have no regard for the human being.

I am not going to go into alot of detail today, because it has been hard enough. But I am gonna elaborate just a bit on OUR judge. Judge Kristina Cook Connelly Graham. She has been in the news recently. A couple of times for misconduct. And then the latest one a couple of weeks ago, she had not being paying her dues so to speak. So technically she was not eligible to be sitting on the bench at any trial. From 2005 to just the other day when she caught everything up by paying $800.00.

And I'm gonna just touch on the fact that I have personally had numerous converstaions with the sheriff of Dade. Co. Trying to get him to do something about my nephew, but I always get sent away with 'we will see what we can do'. I have documented many converstions that I have with the sheriff's office, DFCS, and the CAC. But they seem to just disregard the taped interview and the transcript, that by the way was made be the CAC. Like its not even there in front of them. A child is likely being molested in that county and they seem to not give it a second thought. I have documented all my conversations. I think the ones that actually took place in the sheriff's office should be recorded. Should be.

I'm amazed at how many different ways a person can actually blow someone off and still be polite. Like they all did until the last couple of times and they actually said to me at the CAC and the detective, Christy Cole, that they did not hear the child say that and that is not what they read. Can you believe it?? For the ppl who actually do get to see the tape and read the transcript, they can tell you exactly what they say. It is very clear. And trust me, I have sent out the copies. So several ppl are viewing them. They can blog on here after they see them and let you guys know what I am saying is the truth. Done for today. May take a day off tomorrow, may not.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Some more of the story

My brother's trial lasted 4 days. Total. The prosecution got 3 days of testimony and the defense got 3hrs. The rest of the time was when the jury was out. It was a fiasco! On the first day, I was called down by judge Connelly Graham, and then taken into her chambers and cursed out for taking notes in her courtroom. I couldn't believe this woman, judge or not, was sitting here cussing me out! According to the record, some one from the other side told the baliff that I was taking notes then showing them outside the courtroom at breaks. Which was totally a lie. I left the notebook in the courtroom every time I exited. Sitting right there on the bench where I sat for the entire trial. So I was basically cussed out for no reason. Then, when the witnesses for the prosecution would get on the stand, 'The Man' always started out with the same line of questioning. (All of the witnesses were the accuser's brother's and sister's and his mother) The questioning began with...."Now, you are a half sister to the defendent?" or "Now you are a half brother to the defendent?" There are 7 of them, and every two have a different father, so 'the man' felt it necessary to go over who was who for each witness. The odd thing, other than that, was when the oldest sister got on the stand, 'the man' began his questioning and she resoponded by saying " yes, they told me you were asking these questions about us and who our dads are." But judge connely graham did not take her into chambers for talking outside the courtroom and she was a witness. I was not.

Another very strange thing but we have the documents, and they are public record as well. The accuser's mother went to 2 different Ala. Counties first. These detectives simply told these people, 'unless you have some sort of witness to something, this is just his word against his.' They were told this by 2 counties in Ala. which is the state they ALL lived in. But somehow when they went to Dade Co. there was a witness to something happening!! And the something she described happened a yr. prior to the allegations but she never told a soul for that whole year. Now, are you kidden me??? And Dade co. got thier jurisdiction by saying that Brad was 'driving through thier county when he committed his crime.' IN THE CAR!!!!! Driving, according to testimony, not stopping for any reason whatsoever!!! And ALL of the testimony, except for the incident driving through dade county was from Ala. also. The judge allowed all of it. We obviously did not have a very smart lawyer. That was our biggest mistake. We did not take it seriously enough and our atty certainly didn't. It is my opinion, that hindsight tells me our atty was more on thier side than my brother's. Money talks!!!! By the way, it is also public record that our atty was MARTY LEVITT of LEVITT&LEVITT right here in good ol Chattanooga, Tn. But we learned shortly after my brother's trial that Mr. Marty Levitt opened an office in Dade Co. Thought that was kinda interesting as well. My brother was railroaded in so so many different ways, by many different ppl. It still just makes me think we are in a dream and this could never happen really. But it did and it is. And it is, by far, the hardest thing that our family has ever been through.

And then one of the hardest things for Brad Wade is, that he KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt, that his young son has been and probably still is being molested. And posting all of this stuff will just give them time to work on the poor kid. And make sure he does not tell, but I want him pulled out and interviewed by a real proffesional. Not one of these 'six week course' ppl who are at the DFCS and CAC from that district!!!! Someone besides me has to make a formal complaint for them to pull my poor nephew out and question him. I just pray that someone maybe at his school or church, might see what has really happened and help the child. I have video and written transcripts to prove what I am saying is the truth. If there is anyone out there who knows my nephew and can help him, please, can't you just read some of the things that were kept from the jury. We have proof Brad Wade is innocent!!!! I can show YOU anything you want to see.!!!! Anything that is public record already that is. Ok, I will tell more tomorrow. Hopefully our current atty will comment soon!!!!!

Still learning the whole blog thing, bear with me please

I am scanning documents. Trying to get them posted on this page. I am kinda new at this whole blogging thing so please be patient. And any advice is appreciated. I will be posting facts of my brother's case on here. And of course only what his atty says is appropriate. As I would like to really say some things, I have to be careful as not to hurt my brother in any way. I can mention names and players because it is all public record. The interviews I will be putting on here were done by Stacy Long. She worked for the CAC at the time. Some of the questions or should I say statements by her are almost breathtaking. You can't believe she just said that. So I am working on it, as quickly as I know how.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today is Day one

My name is Angie Granger. My brother is Brad Wade. He has been wrongfully convicted of a crime and has been falsly imprisoned for the last 3 yrs. His case is in the Ga. state of appeals court. It has been filed for about 6 months now. We haven't heard anything yet. I am trying to get ppl to look into his case and see just how unjust my brother was treated. The ADA in our case withheld exculpatory evidence. With the judge following along. They never really thought my brother was guilty. Not really. The ADA himself was told by more than one witness that the ones who were doing the molesting was not Brad Wade, but his accuser and his oldest son. And they were together touching Brad's youngest son. The 3 and 1/2 yr. old child told the interviewer about this by using the words, 'the boys touch my butt, boobies, and willie'. But this was ignored by the interviewer. I have been to the CAC and DFCS and the sheriff's office as well and none of them will go help this poor child. You see, he is still in the care of one of the two boys that he accused. And our experts tell us that if he was doing it back then, (three years ago when my brohter was put in jail) he is doing it now. Not only did this ADA know all of this but he kept it from the jury. And he kept much more from them as well. He was looking for his conviction, no matter what. I will be posting on this blog with links and documents as well, I hope someone out there can help my brother and do something with this particular judicial circuit. I think if you go to you will find alot of info on this particular circuit and there 'witchhunts'! It is late and I am tired, but stay tuned........