Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today is Day one

My name is Angie Granger. My brother is Brad Wade. He has been wrongfully convicted of a crime and has been falsly imprisoned for the last 3 yrs. His case is in the Ga. state of appeals court. It has been filed for about 6 months now. We haven't heard anything yet. I am trying to get ppl to look into his case and see just how unjust my brother was treated. The ADA in our case withheld exculpatory evidence. With the judge following along. They never really thought my brother was guilty. Not really. The ADA himself was told by more than one witness that the ones who were doing the molesting was not Brad Wade, but his accuser and his oldest son. And they were together touching Brad's youngest son. The 3 and 1/2 yr. old child told the interviewer about this by using the words, 'the boys touch my butt, boobies, and willie'. But this was ignored by the interviewer. I have been to the CAC and DFCS and the sheriff's office as well and none of them will go help this poor child. You see, he is still in the care of one of the two boys that he accused. And our experts tell us that if he was doing it back then, (three years ago when my brohter was put in jail) he is doing it now. Not only did this ADA know all of this but he kept it from the jury. And he kept much more from them as well. He was looking for his conviction, no matter what. I will be posting on this blog with links and documents as well, I hope someone out there can help my brother and do something with this particular judicial circuit. I think if you go to you will find alot of info on this particular circuit and there 'witchhunts'! It is late and I am tired, but stay tuned........


  1. I have known the Wade family most of my life. I have NEVER seen what happened to Brad ever happen in a court room EVER. Please pay attention and follow this story, it is very scary that this can happen to anyone. Brad did not seem to have a chance once court went into session and the Rape sield Statute was introduced and the judge told the attorney to "bone up" on the law. I have never heard so many objections and objections sustained by the judge in all my life; supposedly the wrongfully introduced Rape Shield Statue. (It is only suppose to be applied when the charge is aggravated) Ask yourself: If a vendictive teenage who was trying to hide his own sexual misgivings was to accuse you of asking him to mastubate while you were driving down the highway, how would you prove your innocence. Could you go to jail? Yep you can, ask Brad. You would think there would have to be some kind of evidence. Well in the two Alabama counties the accusser and his family went to first it was turned away. HOWEVER since the highway that this request was supposedly made on went through DADE COUNTY. Dade County said sure we will take it. There was so many things that were so wrong with this case. "Investigators gone wild." Interviewers leading witnesses. Missing tapes, missing paperwork, a small town jury (who conversed with the accusers family in the courtyard), NO expert witnesses for the defense. NO character witnesses for Brad. (again, Rape Shield Statute) a child to whom one year prior had said his father would NEVER do anything like that was "counseled" and after new "toys" not only said his Dad was guilty, he was there when it was asked. Oh did I mention the accuser said NO ONE else was in the vehicle. So stay tuned because this is only a sniff of the stink that occurred in this CRAZY, SCARY case. The family has spent more money than they EVER expected! But even worse they are emotionally stressed and doing everything in their power to try and help Brad! Bottom Line: BRAD IS AN INNOCENT MAN! HE IS A GOOD CHRISTIAN MAN! AND HE IS ON PRISON!!! I honestly can not believe this ever happened.

  2. There are more parts to the story. Just click on the blog archive. This will continue your reading!!!!

  3. The story of your brother is heartbreaking. You , your brother and your family are in my prayers.

    Tonya Craft has exposed in a very public way the depths of the corruption running through the entire LMJC. They are not interested in justice, only in flaunting their might power in the faces of the citizens who voted them into office. Now it is time for the same citizens to throw them out - lock, stock and barrel!

    As long as these people remain in office no one is safe. Not me, not you, and not your families and loved ones! I am all for "throwing the book at criminals" but this is a group of predators preying on innocent citizens and then boasting about it on social networking sites.

    Please, everyone, we need to get behind this family and do everything in our power to get justice for Mr. Wade.

  4. I was taught all my life to respect the laws and courts of our country,and Brad's trial was the first time I ever had anything to do with the law.(Brad too). And there was nothing but lies and cover ups. I couldn't believe we were there in the courtroom with these people. Everything was the ADA said was gospel, and the rape shield law just backed it up. At the time I didn't know about the Mondale Act money,and I kept thinking what are we doing here? Anyone can see they are lying. Brad's "wife" is lying, her mother is lying, her sister is lying,or talking about stuff that didn't apply to the case. Then Stacy Long put on the act of her life.And the victim was so confused,because he couldn't remember what ADA Greggor had told him to say.. If your telling the truth you don't get confused it comes out the same every time. And being molested at 13 years old,you don't forget.I live in Dade Co. and I'll be working on election day! You can bet on that !!

  5. I feel for this family more than ever since the LMJD and the "bunch" in Ringgold have been exposed! Just a thought for Brad's sister and family; you might try and contact Tonya Craft and see if or how she might could help you all. It seems she is going to make it part of her life to help others who have been falsely accused! Will continue to follow this blog and hope and pray you soon find justice.