Friday, May 28, 2010

Some more of the story

My brother's trial lasted 4 days. Total. The prosecution got 3 days of testimony and the defense got 3hrs. The rest of the time was when the jury was out. It was a fiasco! On the first day, I was called down by judge Connelly Graham, and then taken into her chambers and cursed out for taking notes in her courtroom. I couldn't believe this woman, judge or not, was sitting here cussing me out! According to the record, some one from the other side told the baliff that I was taking notes then showing them outside the courtroom at breaks. Which was totally a lie. I left the notebook in the courtroom every time I exited. Sitting right there on the bench where I sat for the entire trial. So I was basically cussed out for no reason. Then, when the witnesses for the prosecution would get on the stand, 'The Man' always started out with the same line of questioning. (All of the witnesses were the accuser's brother's and sister's and his mother) The questioning began with...."Now, you are a half sister to the defendent?" or "Now you are a half brother to the defendent?" There are 7 of them, and every two have a different father, so 'the man' felt it necessary to go over who was who for each witness. The odd thing, other than that, was when the oldest sister got on the stand, 'the man' began his questioning and she resoponded by saying " yes, they told me you were asking these questions about us and who our dads are." But judge connely graham did not take her into chambers for talking outside the courtroom and she was a witness. I was not.

Another very strange thing but we have the documents, and they are public record as well. The accuser's mother went to 2 different Ala. Counties first. These detectives simply told these people, 'unless you have some sort of witness to something, this is just his word against his.' They were told this by 2 counties in Ala. which is the state they ALL lived in. But somehow when they went to Dade Co. there was a witness to something happening!! And the something she described happened a yr. prior to the allegations but she never told a soul for that whole year. Now, are you kidden me??? And Dade co. got thier jurisdiction by saying that Brad was 'driving through thier county when he committed his crime.' IN THE CAR!!!!! Driving, according to testimony, not stopping for any reason whatsoever!!! And ALL of the testimony, except for the incident driving through dade county was from Ala. also. The judge allowed all of it. We obviously did not have a very smart lawyer. That was our biggest mistake. We did not take it seriously enough and our atty certainly didn't. It is my opinion, that hindsight tells me our atty was more on thier side than my brother's. Money talks!!!! By the way, it is also public record that our atty was MARTY LEVITT of LEVITT&LEVITT right here in good ol Chattanooga, Tn. But we learned shortly after my brother's trial that Mr. Marty Levitt opened an office in Dade Co. Thought that was kinda interesting as well. My brother was railroaded in so so many different ways, by many different ppl. It still just makes me think we are in a dream and this could never happen really. But it did and it is. And it is, by far, the hardest thing that our family has ever been through.

And then one of the hardest things for Brad Wade is, that he KNOWS without a shadow of a doubt, that his young son has been and probably still is being molested. And posting all of this stuff will just give them time to work on the poor kid. And make sure he does not tell, but I want him pulled out and interviewed by a real proffesional. Not one of these 'six week course' ppl who are at the DFCS and CAC from that district!!!! Someone besides me has to make a formal complaint for them to pull my poor nephew out and question him. I just pray that someone maybe at his school or church, might see what has really happened and help the child. I have video and written transcripts to prove what I am saying is the truth. If there is anyone out there who knows my nephew and can help him, please, can't you just read some of the things that were kept from the jury. We have proof Brad Wade is innocent!!!! I can show YOU anything you want to see.!!!! Anything that is public record already that is. Ok, I will tell more tomorrow. Hopefully our current atty will comment soon!!!!!


  1. Hi, Angie! You are a saint in telling the world about your brother and what Len Gregor and Kristina Cook Graham did to him and your family.

  2. Angie, I am Volfan (Bobb). You and your family are in my heart and prayers. I live in Soddy Daisy, but if I can do anything to help you I will. Keep the faith and never give up. Bobb

  3. Angie,

    Keep telling your brother's story. It needs to to be told, and there are many people that are willing to listen and help in any way possible.

    It has already been established that Judge Graham has a mouth like a sailor as proven by her recent reprimand for the abusive and profane language she used with GBI agents.

    Keep telling the story, Angie.

  4. Angie, you are doing a great job telling Brad's story. Over this memorial day weekend, I will be thinking about him and sending my prayers.

  5. Angie, don't give up. Justice is out there. Hold onto this excerpt from Charle Daniels' Freedom and Justice for All: That's justice, my son. And it's comin' to save everyone. That's liberty. And it's comin' to set everyone free.
    There's more but I fully believe that with Bill Anderson's help, help from someone not associated with all the injustive we've experienced around here, we do have a chance to stop this travesty. Hang onto your faith and keep posting. You have our prayers, as hard as we prayed for and keep praying for Tonya's life to turn around. Kathi

  6. A couple things that may be helpful.

    I always take documents to the copy shop, like a Kinkos, and have them scanned. They can do it as quick as they copy, for the copiers have the scan records in them.

    I then have them saved into pdf, open for edit AND MSWord. The MSWord does not always work real well, but much of it is handy to use later in blog posts.

    Chronological Record:
    Even if it is only for yourself, a timeline record of what happened, what is alleged to have happened, and what is scheduled yet to happen is very useful. If you're familiar with spreadsheets, they are a good tool for recording such a record.

    Great to see you getting started here and look forward to your next post.


  7. Angie, contact WGOW 102.3, Kevin West. Ask to speak with him and tell him your story. He has stood by Tonya Craft and against the abuse in the LMJC. Please contact him. Bobb

  8. Angie - I believe you are on the right path to helping your brother. You need to get the word out right now while the Tonya Craft story is still fresh on every ones mind. I have contacted Melydia Clewell and ask that she take a look at your blog. I am praying that she decides to do some investigating into your brother's case. I believe that the more publicity you get the better chance you have to help your brother. I agree with volfan69 - you need to contact Kevin West. This horrible abuse of power needs to be completely exposed.

  9. Lucy 2007 says: Angie, You can contact Kevin on Face Book or through twitter. I don't think it would hurt to get in touch with Callie Starnes, either. I am a resident of Catoosa County and have known for awhile the corruption in the LMJC. I was thrilled that the media stuck with Tonya Craft or she would be where your brother is today. I was horrified though to actually see the corruption in action. I know for a fact that Kristina Cook is not fair at all. I can't wait to see what happens about her not being an active sitting Judge, especially at the time your brother was on trial. I also, heard that BLC is her atty. Now is this not a conflict of interest?

    Where did your brother live, AL. or GA? Just wondering. I may have just missed that part.

    I only have one more comment about lawyers. There are a lot of them in Chattanooga who actually refuse to come into the LMJC. They say you can't win because the system is so corrupt.

    I will definitely be campaigning this coming election. I am just praying that we can get some people in office who can not be bought. Praying that your brother gets another trial and is able to reclaim his good name.