Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another Birthday for my mom without my brother

Today, May 29, is my mom's birthday. It is the 3rd one she has had to spend without my brother. And to some of you that might sound kinda petty. But when you know for certain that your son should be with you and is not because of ppl who tell lies and have no regard for the human being.

I am not going to go into alot of detail today, because it has been hard enough. But I am gonna elaborate just a bit on OUR judge. Judge Kristina Cook Connelly Graham. She has been in the news recently. A couple of times for misconduct. And then the latest one a couple of weeks ago, she had not being paying her dues so to speak. So technically she was not eligible to be sitting on the bench at any trial. From 2005 to just the other day when she caught everything up by paying $800.00.

And I'm gonna just touch on the fact that I have personally had numerous converstaions with the sheriff of Dade. Co. Trying to get him to do something about my nephew, but I always get sent away with 'we will see what we can do'. I have documented many converstions that I have with the sheriff's office, DFCS, and the CAC. But they seem to just disregard the taped interview and the transcript, that by the way was made be the CAC. Like its not even there in front of them. A child is likely being molested in that county and they seem to not give it a second thought. I have documented all my conversations. I think the ones that actually took place in the sheriff's office should be recorded. Should be.

I'm amazed at how many different ways a person can actually blow someone off and still be polite. Like they all did until the last couple of times and they actually said to me at the CAC and the detective, Christy Cole, that they did not hear the child say that and that is not what they read. Can you believe it?? For the ppl who actually do get to see the tape and read the transcript, they can tell you exactly what they say. It is very clear. And trust me, I have sent out the copies. So several ppl are viewing them. They can blog on here after they see them and let you guys know what I am saying is the truth. Done for today. May take a day off tomorrow, may not.


  1. Angie, I'm going to make some comments here and the comments will sound critical, but I am going to try to be helpful. One of the reasons that Tonya Craft had so much support in the community and beyond was that there were many very articulate bloggers and reporters out there writing her story. Your brother needs you to write his story. I'm going to give you three suggestions for improving the presentation for your brother.

    Bill Anderson is a very smart man and he's written a great many articles. You can do this well; you can do it better. Bill seems like he's willing to add his keyboard to Brad's case. You'll need to work to make the best case possible for Brad.

    First, ditch the abbreviations; it looks like your texting or giving a Twitter update. Get rid of the "atty" and "ppl." A blog post of this nature should be well-written and personable and clear. Write simply. Be yourself. Revise and re-write. Your commenters will use much less formal language, but you are writing the article itself. Lose the idiomatic Southernisms such as "ol" as well. Someone like Bill can pull it off, but it would be best for you not to. It's kind of a "don't try this at home thing."

    Second, write your blog posts on a word processor and then paste them into your blog utility. Your word processor has better spell and grammar check and it is easier to revise and rewrite with it. When you have it all polished up, then paste it and post it. You will also have a backup copy of all of your material on your computer.

    Third, start by telling Brad's story. Tell the whole thing over several blog posts. Tell the story very simply. Don't be overly dramatic. Leave the name calling and attack writing to others. You won't be heard very well as a critic of the system because you are his sister. Your job is to tell his story and build sympathy. Others, like Bill, will hopefully stride in with six-guns blazing. Posts such as the "mom spent another birthday without her son" is actually a pretty good take for you...but only after you tell the story.

    Peace to you. May truth prevail and the powers of darkness be cast down and drawn into the Light.

  2. Wow, thanks cyril. I had no idea there were so many things I have done wrong so far. Mr Anderson tells me to keep it short and tell the story over a period of time. I don't know how to write on the word processer then paste. I will try to learn. I am trying very hard to do this the right way, but you are right about me being the sister and I guess putting too much emotion into it. Its hard not too. There is much more to our story and I have much more to say. I will try to do better. Thanks for the consructive critisizm. And thanks for your support and prayers!!!

  3. Angie,

    Why did your brother's defense lawyer only have 3 hours of defense testimony? How exactly did the rape/shield law come into play here? I'm also looking forward to seeing the documents posted that you have. I think seeing those documents will "prove" your points, too, for anybody who may have any doubts about what you claim.

    Cyril and kbp both gave really good pointers. A timeline will really help those of us who are not familiar with your brother's case get a better picture of the chronological timeline.

    As far as a word processor, your computer probably came with one installed already--it could be Microsoft Works, or Word, or something like that. Producing your blog entries there will give you better control over spelling and grammatical errors. Plus, as Cyril pointed out, you can save those blog entries in that program and continue to revise until you actually post into your blog. Once you are pleased with what you have, then you edit by choosing all text, copy, and then paste into your blog.

    You are such a wonderful advocate for your brother. Keep the faith.

  4. Angie- Cyril had some good advice, however, I don’t agree with posting the entire story in one post. I had never followed a blog until Truth for Tonya which led me to Mr. Anderson’s blog. Part of the reason I kept “tuning in” so to speak, was to read more of the story. I certainly am no expert and I am basing this opinion only on my personal experience.

    I would do as Mr. Anderson suggested. Start at the beginning of your story and then continue your to post in chronological order. I believe this would help to keep everyone interested and would gain more followers.

    As for copying and pasting, it is really easy. Just type your posts into a word processor such as MS Word or MS Works. When you are satisfied with results, highlight all, right click, select copy. Now go to your blog, right click, select paste and there you have it.

    Melydia Clewell has responded to my request to check out your blog. She informed me that they already have plans for some more stories on Brad. She is passing along the link to your blog to Callie Starnes.

    Good luck, and if I can help with anything, please let me know.

  5. I reread Cyril's post and she is not suggesting to post the entire story in one post as I stated in previous post.

    Sorry Cyril, I do agree with all of the advice.

  6. Angie, I mostly like how you're telling the story. We're getting the background so needed when you begin with the rest. But I know a far easier method to highlight and copy your material from MS Word to the blog. Just press and hold the CTRL key then press 'a' (highlight all) and 'c' (copy). Then go to the blog (make sure it's open first) and press 'v' for paste. No need to do any other keys. One of the perks of being a writer. We learn a lot of shortcuts.

    Not to seem critical but it makes it much easier to read without misspellings. Now, for the best part. I kind of like your folksy way of writing. It gives me a sense of a woman from a certain area telling her story. You don't need to sound professional but definitely lose the abbreviations. However, keep your 'voice' as writers call it. That'll bring more people around to your blog as they uncover the story. Hope this helps. Email me at if you need any more help with Word.

  7. Angie, I know how hard this will be for you to tell your brother's story. I'm sure, hope I'm not stepping on your toes, but I'm sure it's like putting a hole in a dam. Once it starts flowing it just pours. At those times the story line gets confusing. I've told my sons story so many times but seems I keep having to back up to clear up a point. You keep breaking away at the story. I took English in school and I'm Southern so I'm keeping up with your story. Bill Anderson doesn't have vested interest, sort to speak, in Brad's story as you do. So he can sit back and reflect about his writing. And he's done this before. You are your brother's angel for helping him carry his cross.

    So sorry about your mother's birthday passing without Brad being present. Three years is a long time. One year is a long time. It's been over four years since we've had our grandchildren in our lives. Nothing can replace the time you or your mother have lost. Anyone that thinks you are being petty needs to rethink their humanity. Time lost is time lost. Nothing gets it back.

  8. Angie,

    You're a great sport. Don't think of it as "making mistakes," think of it as "learning." You're far ahead of the game simply by starting to write. Keep writing. None of it will be perfect; nobody's writing is ever perfect. Take whatever suggestions are helpful to you and ignore the rest.

    I look forward to reading more of your brother's story.

  9. Angie, please know that love and prayers are coming your way and to the rest of your family. These kind people are very much trying to help you and not hurt you. All who have commented care for you and are worried about your situation and that of your brother. Please take all comments with the understanding that all are trying to help. We love you, Angie. Bobb

  10. Given that I have gone through a pile of documents on Brad's case, I'm not going to let them go to waste, Angie! I will be putting out stuff over the next month on this, as it is not only important to you, your mother, and to Brad, but it is important if one cares about justice anywhere.

    The reason I have blogged hard on the Eric Echols case is because the prosecutors really are vulnerable here. Eric was and is a pro when it comes to investigating, and his being black means that we can attract others who are willing to take a hard look at what is happening in the LMJC. When they come in, then it will be that much easier to nail these guys on Brad's case.

    I know that waiting is hard, and you are like Mordecai, who sat outside the gates each day calling for justice. But, you have friends who care and are interested in what happens.

    "And I'm gonna just touch on the fact that I have personally had numerous converstaions with the sheriff of Dade. Co. Trying to get him to do something about my nephew, but I always get sent away with 'we will see what we can do'."
    I am suprised you could get him.

  12. Angie, I am checking in to say that I hope you and your family are doing well today. I look forward to reading more about your brother. Keep your chin up and never give up! Bobb