Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sad day....Short post.....

Well, everybody, the state appeals court denied my brother's new trial. We are terribly disheartened. But, we will fight on. We will go to the next level. A level that we had been told would most likely have to happen, but we certainly were holding out for the state to overturn it. They did not. Our next step is the Supreme Court of Georgia. I will continue to post, especially now. I am not going to try to put all of transcripts of Sherry Dobbins after all. It is a lot of information and if I don't do the whole thing and only do certain parts, it would be confusing. I am going to post from the motion for new trial transcript. It is mostly our attorney stating facts.

I am thinking that by putting these interviews on here word for word is confusing some. so I will try to clear things up by putting the motion transcripts and quote laws as our attorney did. It may help to tie up some loose ends for some people as well. Now, I am gonna get a little personal for a minute.

We are so disappointed. I am out of energy for anything today, but tomorrow I will begin my blogging again. Please keep us all, but mostly my brother in your prayers!! I know when the other side reads this, they will be pointing and laughing, and that is fine. But, make no mistake, I will fight to the bitter end for my innocent brother!! This must be the way God has intended this to be, because now our story grows. Bigger and bigger. This is what God wants. We believe that with all of our hearts. My poor mother is devastated, but my brother and I just keep getting stronger and smarter.! When you lay your head down tonight or get on your knees, will you please remember us! To all a good night.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear that the appeal was denied, Angie. Will keep you, your family, and especially your brother in my prayers.

  2. So Sad Angie, for you and your Family. Don't give up keep shouting it from the roof top.Some
    one will lisen, I would not worry about the other side, God will take care of them, How do they sleep at night, Things are going to start happening to them you would not believe if it hasn't all ready. Keep the faith Angie..

  3. Never give up, Angie. After my daughter accused my husband of doing things he couldn't because he was working 60 miles away, I held onto prayer and hope someone would see the light and end the nightmare. The only thing I ever told my daughter, when she contacted me, was to tell the truth. Finally, she admitted the truth, she lied because she wanted to go to a party and we said no. There were other factors involved in her changing her story, including her refusal to go through a physical exam, but our miracle lasted only a few years before she was again telling the lies. Fortunately, since she showed her true colors to the local cops, we don't have anything to worry about but having strangers think we're awful people who got away with what she says we did to her.
    Your brother will come through this a stronger person. He has you and your family behind him. You have many believers behind you, too. We won't give up on him or you.